Trinity’s Mission and Vision

The Mission Statement (Adopted in 2000)

Trinity is a comprehensive university offering a broad range of educational programs that prepare students across the lifespan for the intellectual, ethical, and spiritual dimensions of contemporary work, civic and family life. Trinity’s core mission values and characteristics emphasize:

  • Commitment to the Education of Women in a particular way through the design and pedagogy of the historic undergraduate women’s college, and by advancing principles of equity, justice and honor in the education of women and men in all other programs
  • Foundation for Learning in the Liberal Arts through the curriculum design in all undergraduate degree programs and through emphasis on the knowledge, skills and values of liberal learning in all graduate and professional programs
  • Integration of Liberal Learning with Professional Preparation through applied and experiential learning opportunities in all programs
  • Grounding in the mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur and the Catholic tradition, welcoming persons of all faiths, in order to achieve the large purposes of learning in the human search for meaning and fulfillment

The Vision

Trinity’s vision includes the following principles and values:

  • A Value-Centered Education infused with the principles of social justice, honor and integrity will continue to characterize Trinity’s learning environment and programs
  • Ensuring Access to Educational Opportunities will continue to arise from that social justice value center, such that Trinity will continue to develop its curricula and programs in ways that provide opportunities for educational attainment for students who might otherwise not have had such opportunities to succeed academically
  • Respect for Human Dignity will continue to characterize Trinity’s campus life through honoring the broad diversity of races, ethnicities, cultures, languages, abilities, beliefs and interests of Trinity’s student body
  • Academic Excellence and Rigor will continue to characterize the expectations and work of the faculty with all student populations, with a clear focus on educational outcomes that can demonstrate the quality and durability of a Trinity education through many different occupations and life circumstances
  • Women’s Leadership Development will continue to be a distinctive characteristic of all Trinity educational programs
  • Education for Global Leadership will continue as Trinity’s theme to signify the global perspective that Trinity expects its students and graduates to manifest in order to be true leaders in contemporary communities, corporations, schools and public arenas
  • Service to Others will continue as a strong focus of Trinity’s programs and leadership development philosophy
  • Educating Children Well will continue to be a particular emphasis of a Trinity education, not only in the School of Education but through all programs that lay the foundation for successful teaching, parenting and role modeling for the next generations of citizen leaders

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