Frequently Asked Questions: How Do I…?

Starting a new position can be daunting, especially when there are so many questions about the simplest of tasks. Below is an informational guide to common and frequently asked questions asked of our new adjuncts as they begin each semester.

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Administrative Support FAQ

Where can I find important academic dates (add/drop, grade submission, etc.)?

You can find all important academic dates on the Academic Calendar.
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Where can I find information about parking and the metro shuttle schedule?

See Visiting Trinity.

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How do I obtain a Trinity ID card?

All employees are required to have a Trinity ID while on campus. The ID can be obtained through the Department of Public Safety or at the adjunct orientation. A copy of your contract is required before an ID is distributed.

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How do I register for parking?

Trinity issues parking permits through an online system available at your convenience. Using the parking permit website you will be able to immediately print a temporary parking permit to use right away; your actual permit will be mailed to you within a few days. Note: Adjunct registration is free of charge but must be pre-approved before an order is completed.

Please be sure that you have the following items available to you before you go to the parking permit website:

  • Last 4 Digits of SSN
  • Last Name (as it is in Self-Service)
  • Vehicle Info:
    • License Plate, State, Year, Color, Make, Model of Car
  • Address to have parking permit sent to

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Where is the adjunct faculty office?

The adjunct faculty offices are located in Main 259A and Main 350. Access codes are available in Faculty Services (Main 186).

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When will I get my adjunct faculty contract?

Contracts are emailed to your Trinity email account before the start of the semester. Adjunct contracts should be signed and returned to the Academic Affairs Office (Main 203) or emailed to Failure to return a contract in a timely manner will delay compensation.

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Where can I find the adjunct pay schedule?

A pay schedule is located on the last page of your contract, the Adjunct Faculty Resource page, and the Human Resources page. Pay is processed through the Payroll Office and is distributed by direct deposit.

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Whom do I call with payroll questions?

Please call the Payroll Office at 202-884-9529 for all payroll inquiries.

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Where can I find the course materials assigned for my class?

You may search for all course materials using the Trinity online bookstore.

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Where can I adopt textbooks and create course packets?

Faculty adopt textbooks using the Adoption Insight Portal. For access, please contact Faculty Services at

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Where do I find my classroom location?

Visit Find My Classroom? and search by course code.

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What do I do if my classroom is locked?

Please contact Public Safety at 202-884-9111 (or, if dialing from a campus phone: 9111).

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How do I find my class roster?

You can view and print your class roster through Self-Service.

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What do I do if a student in my class is not on my roster?

Only students that are registered for the course and appear on your class roster are allowed to attend your class. If a student is not listed, s/he must meet with his/her advisor to resolve the matter.

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What is Daily Attendance?

Daily attendance is reported through Moodle. Class attendance should be reported throughout the semester for financial aid and retention purposes.

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How do I submit grades?

Mid-Term and Final Grades are submitted through Moodle. Once logged in, please follow the below steps to submit grades.

  • Click Grades (under administrative heading)
  • Select the correct grade in the drop down box
  • Click Save

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What is the deadline for submitting grades?

The deadline for submitting grades can be found on the last page of your adjunct faculty contract. Deadlines are also listed on the Academic Calendar.

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What form should I submit for grade changes?

All grade changes must be approved by the Academic Dean. See the Change of Grade form.

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What form should I submit to issue an incomplete?

The request to issue an incomplete must be returned to the Office of Enrollment Services no later than by the end of the final examination period. See Request to Issue an Incomplete (Graduate Studies) or Request to Issue an Incomplete (Undergraduate Studies).

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What do I do if I need to cancel my class?


A.) If you need to cancel your class, fill out the Class Cancellation Form. (This link is also accessible on the Academic Affairs and Faculty Resource pages under the menu heading “Commonly Used Forms”.) Once you have submitted the form, Enrollment Services and Academic Affairs will receive an automatic notification of the class cancellation and will post the necessary signage.

B.) If you are unable to complete the web-based form, please contact the Class Cancellation Hotline at 202-884-9250. When leaving a message, please identify the following:

Your name, the course you teach including course pre-fix and title ( i.e. MATH 109, Foundations of Math), week day, date, and time of the course meeting, and the building and room number in which your class meets.

STEP 2 Contact your students through Moodle using “Quick Mail” to indicate your plans to make up for the material(s) not covered.  Please do not schedule additional class sessions or extend the semester/term.

STEP 3 Receive confirmation of the class cancellation via email. Do not assume your class has been canceled until you receive this confirmation. Your academic dean will also be copied via the confirmation.

Weather cancellations: Only the official Trinity weather/emergency hot-line should be used to determine if classes are canceled due to weather or an emergency; do no assume that Trinity is closed because other schools or universities are closed. The emergency hot-line phone number is 202-884-9009. If Trinity is not closed, you should not cancel your class.

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Where can I obtain a Trinity email account?

A Trinity email is issued by Technology Services to all new faculty at the start of the term. An email notification will be sent by our technology department to the adjunct’s personal email indicating that a new email account has been created and noting the user name and temporary password. Visit Technology Services for more troubleshooting around log-in and password changes.

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When will my Trinity email account expire?

A Trinity email is issued to all adjunct faculty for the purposes of facilitating communication between students, faculty and administrative personnel. If an adjunct is no longer teaching after two consecutive academic terms, their Trinity email will be deactivated.

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Faculty Services and Support FAQ

Where do I get classroom supplies (i.e. note cards, pencils)?

Supplies can be requested through Faculty Services. Please contact Faculty Services or visit Main 186 for all supply requests.

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How do I reserve audiovisual equipment?

Complete the technology request form to request audiovisual equipment.

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Where can I make photocopies?

Faculty copiers are located in Main 188, Main 259A and Main 350. Large print/copy jobs must be sent to the Copy Center in the Post Office.

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How do I request a mailbox?

Adjunct mailboxes are available by request. All requests must be made in writing to Faculty Services. Your email should include your name and collegiate unit.

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How can I contact the IT department Helpdesk from my home?

The IT Helpdesk can be reached via email at or by phone at 202-884-9811.

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How do I set-up my smartphone to receive email?

See Smartphone Set-up for Faculty/Staff.

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Academic Support FAQ

Where do I report students exhibiting personal crisis resulting in academic difficulties?

The Starfish platform allows for instructors to raise flags for students experiencing personal crisis. The notice is sent to academic advising and student affairs. Visit Starfish Support for guides on raising flags, kudos or progress reports.

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A student needs an accommodation based on a disability. Whom do I contact with questions?

The Disability Student Services (DSS) office exists to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to every opportunity for learning and personal growth. For questions regarding accommodations, contact the DSS Office at or 202-884-9358.

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To whom do I report academic dishonesty?

Faculty members who suspect a student of cheating, including plagiarism, should report the case immediately to their academic dean. See the Academic Honesty Policy for more the full policy and procedures.

What academic support services are available to students?

The Academic Services Center offers academic support seminars, consultations with students, disability student services, peer tutoring, and the Math and Writing Centers.

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What subjects are available for tutoring?

Tutoring is available for a variety of subjects. Please contact the Academic Services Center for a list of tutors and subject availability at 202-884-9360.

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When should I refer a student to the Academic Services Center?

The Starfish platform allows for instructors to raise flags for students experiencing difficulty with all of her/his assignments or doesn’t seem to manage academic responsibilities. The notice is sent to academic advising  and academic support services. Visit Starfish Support for guides on raising flags, kudos or progress reports.

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Where can I find affordable textbook alternatives?

There are affordable textbook alternatives, including course packets, custom publishing, e-books, and open-access journals. Faculty are encouraged to develop course packs, which can then be sold by the bookstore. Faculty may not directly sell course packs or other course materials to students.

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What services does the library provide?

The library serves as a meeting place for students, provides access to print and electronic resources, and provides assistance during each step of the research process for members of the Trinity community.

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How do I borrow items from other consortium libraries?

Faculty may borrow books or request articles from any other library belonging to the Washington Research Library Consortium. To activate a library bar code, please visit the Sr. Helen Sheehan Library.

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