Honor Code and Academic Policies

Trinity students are held to high standards with regard to their academic accountability. Integrity and honor are key elements to their learning development. We remain committed to teaching our students the importance of respecting and following the codes of conduct that govern our institution and thereby promoting good, honest scholarship. We challenge you to engage your students on the seriousness of academic integrity and discuss the responsibility they hold in demonstrating academic honesty.

Please take a moment to review the honor code and other academic policies below:

I realize the responsibility involved in membership in the Trinity community. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of this community. I also affirm my intentions to live according to the standards of honor, to which lying, stealing, and cheating are opposed. I will help others to maintain this responsibly in all matters essential to the common good of the community.

Academic Policies

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School of Professional Studies Academic Policies
School of Nursing and Health Professions Academic Policies
Academic Honesty
Course Attendance for Students and Faculty
Honor System
Student Code of Conduct

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