How do I change a student’s final letter grade after submitting it through Moodle? [You cannot.]

Unfortunately, once you submit final grades through the Moodle interface, you can no longer make changes online.

You must submit a grade change form to Enrollment Services to change the Final grade. Final grade changes cannot be accepted via email or over the phone. (There will be no changes to Mid-Term Progress grades accepted.)

The “Change of Grade” form can be found on the Faculty & Staff Forms page on the Enrollment Services website. You will need to login with your regular Trinity username and password to reach the form. Download it, complete the necessary fields, get the dean’s signature, and submit it to Enrollment Services.

The form MUST contain a Dean’s signature before it is submitted Enrollment Services.

For the form, you will need the following information:

  • Instructor’s Name
  • Student’s Name
  • Student’s ID Number*
  • Previous Grade (if there’s no previous grade, please enter ‘n/a’ or leave the “From” field blank)
  • New Grade
  • Course ID (e.g., BADM 110, EDCC 542, NURS 460, JAMS 201, etc.)
  • Section
  • Term/Year (e.g., FALL 2017, SUMMER 2018, etc.)
  • Reason for the Change

You will need to sign it and get the Dean’s signature as well. The approval of the Academic Dean is required for all grade changes. Also, any grade change must be finalized with the Registrar no later than one hundred twenty calendar days following the last day of the academic term in which the original grade was posted.

*Locating a Student’s ID Number

You can locate a student’s ID number on your official ‘Class list’ in Self-Service, as well as through downloading your Moodle gradebook. Follow these steps below for the Self-Service process or explore this FAQ on exporting the Moodle gradebook for that process.

  1. Login to Self-Service using your normal Trinity account information. Remember your username is everything before the ‘@’ in your Trinity email address:
  2. Once logged in, accept the financial statement.
  3. Then, under the Faculty heading in the center of the page, click on the ‘Class list’ option.
  4. On the next page, click on the name of the course for which you wish to view the official class list.
  5. Once on the next screen, you will see all of your students listed alphabetically by last name. You can locate the students’ ID numbers in the second column.