Instructional Continuity: An Online ‘Play’ in Many Scenes

By Katie the Moodle Lady (AKA Katie Wanschura)

Faculty, ACT, then STAR, in this new online adventure!

Students, get ready to PERFORM in these new online scenes!

Instructional Technologists, CAST, then DIRECT this new play!


Deans & Program Chairs, PRODUCE this on-going show!

Together, we SHINE!

MAY 2020: Take a BOW!

SYNOPSIS: The show must go on—line! Now, what? You are now cast in a role you may not have had before. Faculty, students, administrators, and instructional technologists, we are all in this rapidly remote world, together!

Time to remount the play for the summer & fall!

The show must go on, after all. The script may be written for us, but we will make the production our own and shine!

Setting the ‘stage’ for success,
Katie the Moodle Lady

Faculty | Students | Instructional Techs+ | Deans/Chairs+
‘Play’ Overview | Together, We SHINE!
Take a BOW!