How do I make an item extra credit in the gradebook?

As an instructor, you can indicate to Moodle that certain graded items are extra credit. However, extra credit items are only possible in a points-based aggregation system. The aggregation for the whole course or the category in which you are adding extra credit must be either ‘Natural’ or ‘Simple Weighted Mean of Grades.’

Note: You CANNOT have a category that contains only extra credit or a category in which the only graded items are marked extra credit. Moodle will ignore the category and not count the extra credit at all. If you have a category with a graded extra credit item but only ungraded regular grade items in it, Moodle considers this category to be empty of graded items and will not count the extra credit.

To indicate that an existing item is extra credit, follow the steps below.

  1. Login to Moodle and enter the course in which you wish to make an item extra credit.
  2. From the main page of the course, click on the gray, ‘Edit’ gear wheel in the upper right corner.
  3. From the drop-down menu that appears, click on the “Gradebook setup” option.
  4. From the “Gradebook setup” page, locate the item that should be extra credit. Click on its related ‘Edit’ drop menu in the ‘Actions’ column. Choose the ‘Edit settings’ option.
  5. On the ‘Grade item’ screen, scroll down to the ‘Parent category’ section. Check the box next to ‘Extra credit’ to tell the system that this item is extra credit. Save your changes.
  6. When you return back to the “Gradebook setup” page, you will now see a little plus sign next to the “Max grade” for the extra credit activity.