How to Prepare?

Once you’ve confirmed your appointment, you should gather the materials you’ll need to bring with you. Please refer to the appointment types below as you begin to  prepare for your appointment.

Prior to any appointment, students should visit our Career-Related Web Links and register for Trinity Connections.

Common appointment types are :

Choosing a Career/Major
Please complete the My Next Move career assessment and bring the results to your appointment to review with the career counselor

Resume and Cover Letter Writing
Students and alumnae/i  are required to complete a draft version of each document prior to their appointment.  Should she/he not have one created, our office can provide the appropriate handout(s) with suggested templates, but the student or alumnae/i  will still be asked to prepare these documents prior to their appointment. In addition, all documents must be printed and a copy should be submitted when your appointment begins.

Interview Preparation
Students and alumnae/i should be prepared to share information about the the position of interest, in addition to providing a job announcement.

Job/Internship Search Process
Students and alumnae/i are expected to provide a copy of their resume in addition to visiting the Career Related Web Links and registering for Trinity Connections.

For all other appointment types, please consult the Office of Career Services and Experiential Learning and we will gladly assist you with preparation for your upcoming appointment.