Imagine Yourself a World Traveler

Trinity students have the exciting possibility of participating in a study abroad program. The Office of Career Services and Experiential Learning provides assistance to students who are interested in studying outside of the United States for a year, a semester, or even two weeks. A study abroad experience is one of the best ways to increase student awareness of the global community, in addition to gaining proficiency in another language and studying the political, social and economic issues facing a particular region.

In the past, Trinity students have studied abroad in countries such as  Egypt, the Czech Republic, Japan, Russia, Cyprus, Mexico, Brazil,  Senegal, Lebanon, and Spain! If you are interested in a study abroad experience, please feel free to contact us!

So you want to study abroad?

Studying abroad requires a lot of planning and preparation, which is why we strongly suggest your first step is to visit our office during walk-in hours as soon as you have interest in going abroad. In addition, these additional steps, will also help as you begin to explore this exciting new adventure! For a head-start on the paperwork process, you can download the Study Abroad Application (accessible version) including these additional online resources to help you plan your study abroad adventure.