Step-by-Step: Study Abroad Approval Process


To qualify for study abroad, students must:

  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 and be in good academic standing
  • Have sophomore status and have completed two regular semesters at Trinity
  • Complete the Trinity Study Abroad application (accessible version)
  • Meet with a representative of Student Financial Services
  • Receive approval from a Study Abroad Advisor

Students are also responsible for fulfilling all application requirements of the sponsoring study abroad program.


The Application Process

Students are required to submit a study abroad application and the following supporting documents:

  • Transcript of all work completed at Trinity (unofficial transcripts accepted)
  • Typed statement of purpose
  • Recommendation letter from either the program chair of the student’s major program or the student’s advisor.
  • Transfer of courses form
  • Financial aid consortium agreement form

Students are responsible for meeting all financial obligations to Trinity as well as the sponsoring program.


The completed application and all supporting materials should be submitted to:

Trinity Office of Career Services

Library Room 103

125 Michigan Ave NE

Washington, DC 20017


If you have any questions about the study abroad application process, please contact one of the following study abroad advisors:

Kenya Kirkland- Academic Advisor

Phone: 202-884-9422



Soulyka Agana-Woodbine- Director of Career Development and Preparation

Phone: 202-884-9367




  • Credits earned through approved study abroad programs may be counted towards a Trinity degree as long as the program is offered through an accredited university and has been approved by the Program Chair
  • You must retain textbooks, course syllabi, reading lists, and any major papers produced for courses while abroad.
  • If you do not receive approval for your study abroad program or do not follow the correct application procedures, your coursework will not transfer for degree credit at Trinity.