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General Information

Students may take makeup, retake, and special-circumstances tests in the Academic Services Center in Library 103. Faculty and students may take advantage of our services if a student misses a mid-term, final, or other important test during the course of the semester. This service is also available for students who need Special Testing Accommodations and non-Trinity students who need a proctor for a distance learning or online course exam.

Please note: Students with documented disabilities and special testing accommodations will take their exams with the Director of Disability Student Services in 103 Library.

Students must complete the Student Exam Appointment Request for each test, quiz or exam. Once the student’s form is received, our staff will contact you to confirm your appointment day and time. However, appointment confirmation does not mean that the professor/instructor has submitted the test/exam/quiz for the student to take to the Testing Center. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that s/he has permission from the faculty to take the exam and to ensure that the exam has been delivered to the Testing Center. Please allow 3 business days for your appointment to be scheduled. Students must present photo identification to take exams in the Testing Center.

Faculty must complete the Academic Test Request Form each time they wish students to take an exam in the Academic Services Center. The staff will try to adhere to all of your written test instructions so be sure to include the testing deadline, the amount of time allowed, any aids a student may use, and additional notes or special circumstances for the exam. Students with disabilities who utilize special testing accommodations will be given their exams as close to the actual test day and time as possible.

Faculty should take care to include the information necessary to provide students with timely and efficient service. For example, specify testing time for students and indicate any special aids or equipment that they are allowed to use during the exam. If detailed testing instructions are necessary, write an additional note, send an email (TestingServices@trinitydc.edu) or call our office. The online form allows you to attach an electronic copy of the exam/test/quiz. Exams may also be hand-delivered to Academic Services (LIB 103) or emailed directly to TestingCenter@trinitydc.edu if the document is too large to attach to the online request.

The staff in the Center cannot accept homework assignments or special projects from your students – remind them of your own policies and use of the Red Box.

Student Exam Appointment Request

Students must submit an online request to schedule a makeup exam or an exam with special accommodations (i.e. quiet location or extended time) in the library. Your professor must also complete the Academic Test Request Form online for you to have permission to take your exam/quiz in the library. Students must obtain permission from the faculty to take the exam in the library (Testing Center) and ensure that s/he knows to send the request and exam in time for the student’s scheduled appointment.