Available Support Services

The Academic Services Center offers programs to support the academic success of all Trinity students. We accomplish this by helpings students develop college skills and knowledge through study skills and student life planning assistance.

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Math and Science Help Sessions

Math & Science Help Sessions are available select weekdays (contact your instructor or professor for times). Get help with homework, or ask questions about the lecture/lab, discuss the best way to succeed in the course. Help is available for students with Dr. Hsieh, Prof. Kent, Dr. Sexton, Prof. Seamon and tutors.

Academic Success Seminars (workshops)

A series of seminars (workshops) are conducted each semester to assist students with developing and improving their college-readiness skills. Topics include time-management, study skills, test-taking skills, managing test anxiety, note taking and reading strategies and more. Visit Academic Support for additional details or sign up for a seminar on our events page.

Student Consultations

In addition to the seminars offered, students may elect to meet with Academic Services for a more personalized discussion of their academic concerns. Students with special circumstances may elect to meet for a consultation or students may elect a one-on-one meeting following a workshop to continue the discussion or when a workshop is not offered that addresses an individual’s need. Consultations are offered by request. Contact Dr. Kimberly LaBoone to schedule a meeting.