Available Support Services

The Academic Services Center offers programs to support the academic success of all Trinity students. We accomplish this by helpings students develop college skills and knowledge through study skills and student life planning assistance.

Managing Your Time While Learning Online

Develop a NEW plan for how you use your time. If you created a time management plan before the crisis, try to modify that plan. Schedule time for all of your activities. You can use apps such as myHomework or My Study Life, phone alerts or an old school paper calendar such as the Time Management Worksheet to help you plan your time.

  • schedule time for online class meetings
  • schedule time to read, do homework and prep for class

Prioritize academic and other important activities. Use your peak energy times to complete challenging assignments and studying when possible. Do chores or exercise when you do not feel energized.

Create a space to study, complete assignments and sit for online class sessions. This space should have minimal distractions which may be more difficult to achieve if you have to work around family members. Use apps to lock you out of the internet and to help you stay focuses on accomplishing your work. Organize your study space with needed supplies and make it appealing so you want to spend time there, but don’t make it so comfortable that you fall asleep there.

Share your plan and cooperate with your family so that everyone can achieve their goals. If you do not receive the cooperation of your family for “whole house quiet times” when everyone works and keeps the noise level to a minimum, it might be easier to find the times when your family is already quiet to devote to doing work.

Connect with friends to discuss your notes and complete chapter review questions (be sure this does not violate your professor’s instructions or the Honor Code).

Use break times to get some exercise and to reward yourself for accomplishing your goals and finishing homework assignments. The Trinity Center posts scheduled fitness programs using Zoom. If you are unable to use Zoom, create your own plan by inviting family or friends via social media or video call to join you to make it more fun.

Set weekly study goals for how long you will study or the day and time you will finish your assignment(s). Aim for a weekly total of 2 hours of study/homework time for every credit hour. For example, schedule 30 hours per week of homework/study time if you are enrolled in 15 credits this semester.

Limit reading sessions to 20 minutes or less to stay engaged with the material and increase retention. Find additional reading strategies here.

Stay in contact with your professors and communicate with them when you have questions or are unable to keep up. Increase your communication with your professors and seek help more often when you are confused. This is not the time to go it alone or to think you can manage on your own. This as a new environment that will take some getting used to so reach out to your professors for help.

If you still have questions, contact Academic Support. I am happy to talk with you about how to make changes to your plan or help you develop a plan if you do not have one.

Academic Success Seminars (workshops)

A series of seminars (workshops) are conducted each semester to assist students with developing and improving their college-readiness skills. Topics include time-management, study skills, test-taking skills, managing test anxiety, note taking and reading strategies and more. Visit Academic Support for additional details or sign up for a seminar on our events page.

Student Consultations

In addition to the seminars offered, students may elect to meet with Academic Services for a more personalized discussion of their academic concerns. Students with special circumstances may elect to meet for a consultation or students may elect a one-on-one meeting following a workshop to continue the discussion or when a workshop is not offered that addresses an individual’s need. Contact Dr. Kimberly LaBoone to schedule a meeting or phone call.

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