Dr. Agnes Conaty Presents Talk on the GLOBE Program

Dr. Agnes Conaty, Adjunct Professor of Mathematics and Science Lead of the NASA GLOBE Observer Program co-presented with NASA Engineer Larry Hilliard, to talk about the Space Geodesy Program, the Model Rocket Program and other contributions of NASA Goddard. The two spoke to an audience of 85 campers and their families from across the DC Metro area, New Jersey, and Washington state at the Greenbelt Park Campfire initiative on April 8, 2023. 

Additionally, and in recognition of Earth and Citizen Science Month, Dr. Agnes Conaty and the GLOBE Observer Program team led the Third Sunday Experiment at the Goddard Visitor Center on April 16, 2023. She also participated in the Earth Day celebration at Union Station with Trinity’s Early College Academy Program on April 21, 2023, and at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD on April 29, 2023.