Dr. Shizuka Hsieh Publishes Paper in Environmental Justice

Dr. Shizuka Hsieh, Associate Professor of Chemistry, published a paper titled, ” Asthma and Particulate Matter Pollution: Insights from Health Survey and Air Quality Monitoring in the Buzzard Point, Washington, DC Neighborhood. The paper was published August 12, 2021 in the online journal, Environmental Justice.  This collaborative work with ANC Commissioner Rhonda Hamilton and Professors Harrison and Phoenix comes out of an air quality monitoring campaign — since 2016 — and a larger grassroots community effort to improve the environment and secure housing for the near Buzzard Point neighborhood.

Hsieh, S., Harrison, E., Phoenix, J. A., & Hamilton, R. (2021). Asthma and particulate matter pollution: Insights from health survey and air quality monitoring in the Buzzard Point, Washington, DC neighborhood. Environmental Justice, 14(4), 254–266. https://doi.org/10.1089/env.2020.0066