Dr. Kimberly F. Monroe Presents at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana

Dr. Kimberly F. Monroe, Assistant Professor of Global Affairs, presented at the University of Cape Coast in Cape Coast in Ghana. She presented on Pan-Africanism and African Liberation: A Shield for the 21st Century at the Pan-African Student Summit Part II on June 4, 2021.

Over the course of the academic year, Dr. Monroe was also awarded The Howard University: Center for African Studies Faculty Residency Award last February 8, 2021.

She also presented on the following panel:

Exploring Senegalese Women Hip-Hop Artists and Transnational Social Change, 11th Annual Africana Studies Interdisciplinary Conference, James Madison University, February 17-20, 2021, Conference Theme: Movement(s), Collectives, and Collectivity (Feb 17, 2021) Presenter