CAS Dean Sita Ramamurti Receives Teaching Science in College-Leo Schubert Award

Dr. Sita Ramamurti, College of Arts and Sciences Dean and Professor of Mathematics, was recognized and awarded by the Washington Academy of Sciences in a virtual ceremony on, Thursday, September 10, 2020. Dr. Ramamurti received the Teaching Science in College- Leo Schubert Award for her years of dedication, passion, and creativity in teaching mathematics for college students.

Sita Ramamurti is currently the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Trinity Washington University in DC. In her 25 plus years of teaching collegiate mathematics, she has passionately engaged her students in active learning by integrating content-specific technology, designing and teaching quantitative literacy, reasoning, and interdisciplinary seminar courses. She also has a strong interest in reform and policy initiatives in K-12 education. As a research scholar her areas of focus are mathematical modeling and dynamical systems. Sita received both her BSc and MSc in Mathematics from India and earned her PhD in Mathematics from George Washington University.

Dr. Ramamurti’s award exemplifies her own dedication to excellence in Math and Science, and underscores her fine leadership of the College of Arts and Sciences, Trinity is grateful to her for the tremendous energy, smart thinking and insightful wisdom she brings to all CAS issues.