Samantha Jackson ’18

Nurse, Cardiac Step-down Unit - Medstar Washington Hospital Center

Samantha Jackson ’18 is a nurse in the cardiac step-down unit at Medstar Washington Hospital Center.Samantha Jackson ’18 (on the right in light blue scrubs) is a nurse in the cardiac step-down unit at Medstar Washington Hospital Center. Patients go to her unit when they have had open-heart surgery, and they stay in that unit until they are ready to be discharged. She has always wanted to be a cardiac nurse and sees herself one day becoming an ICU nurse. She said when her grandmother and dad were very sick, she saw all the nurses and the work they did to help them. Jackson saw the care, compassion, and professionalism they provided and wanted to be able to do the same for other families going through a hard time.

“Right now, we do work with some COVID-19 patients. We are limiting the amount of time going into their rooms. You are gowned up from head to toe in gloves, N95 masks, and face shields, so you are not bringing anything into their room or bringing anything outside of the room.”

She says it’s a stressful time right now because of the fear of the unknown. “You don’t know how people are contracting this virus. We are constantly learning how to take care of patients. People are getting sick, workers are getting sick, and some people have passed away from this virus.”

People need to understand that it is imperative to stay at home, practice social distancing, wash your hands, and cover your face. She knows it is hard to remain under the restrictions and to stay at home, but this virus is severe. “Some people have gotten sick with it, and some of them have gotten sick again. Please be cautious and wash your hands and try not to touch your face.”