Jennifer M. Fisher ’07

Founder - Fisher Clay Group

Jennifer Fisher is the founder of the Fisher Clay Group, a boutique consultancy dedicated to helping creatives navigate the political landscape and use their voice to influence change. Through her firm, she  advises brands and organizations committed to sustainability, equality and justice.

Across her career, she has led and managed legislative campaigns which garnered support of Presidential administrations, U.S. Congress, and public and private stakeholders. Beginning her journey on Capitol Hill and later as a healthcare lobbyist, she ushered legislation into law and led federal funding initiatives to address access to health care and wellness opportunities in communities of color. She was named a Top Lobbyist by The Hill Newspaper and recognized as a National 40 under 40 Leader in Minority Health.

Jennifer Fisher earned a master of science in administration from Trinity in 2007 with a concentration in federal program management. Her passion for advocacy became the driving force for her advisory work in enhancing creative communities through political action.