Nadia Saah ’12

Property Manager - Boston Properties

Nadia Saah ’12 is a property manager at Boston Properties. She says that every day she draws on her Trinity master of arts degree in communication to ensure her clients are confident that they are up-to-date with the  operations of the facility in which their offices reside.

At Boston Properties, A Master Communicator Puts A Trinity Degree To Work

Back in 2009, Nadia Saah had a bachelor degree’s and a couple of prestigious newsroom internships under her belt — but the economic collapse of 2008 and the lingering Great Recession meant journalism jobs were scarce, even in the nation’s capital. Saah decided to  put her media-maven plans on pause and pursue an advanced degree at Trinity, both  to add some graduate-degree polish to her résumé and to defer the day she’d have to start  repaying student loans.

Eleven years later, the media industry continues to contract. But the skills and the savvy Saah picked up at Trinity as part of her Communication degree laid the foundation for her current career keeping more than 500 office-building occupants in the know. She’s a Chevy Chase-based property manager for Boston  Properties, a national real-estate powerhouse that owns and manages 47 million square feet of office space across the United States. And it wasn’t an accident that she ended up there.

“I was hired for this position, specifically, because I excel at communication,” Saah says. She laughs.

“Especially when it comes to delivering bad news in a way that won’t freak everybody out.” Saah talked to Trinity earlier this year about what sets a great strategic communicator apart, and how she keeps growing in her job using the tools and tactics she learned from Trinity’s faculty.

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