How do I add a file to Moodle which is greater than 100MB?

The maximum file size Moodle currently supports is 100MB.

If you have a file between 100.1MB and 2GB, you can use Trinity’s own Large File Transfer (LFT) service. If your file is larger than 2GB, you can submit a Moodle Support help desk ticket to see what additional options you may have.

You can find the link to the Large File Transfer service on the Faculty/Staff page:

LFT instructions and FAQ can be found on the Technology Services website:
Once you have uploaded your file to the LFT site and copied the ‘Share’ link, you can paste that link in any text or HTML box in Moodle, including any weekly/topic descriptions, an assignment activity’s text submission box, or in the URL resource’s website address/URL field.