How do I find a student’s ID number?

Sometimes you may need to know a student’s ID number to submit an official form, such as a “Change of Grade” form or “Early Alert” form.

  • You can locate a student’s ID number on your official ‘Class list’ in Self-Service. Follow these steps below.
  • You can export your Moodle gradebook. The students’ ID numbers will export with the gradebook content. To do this, follow the steps located in this FAQ here.

Locating a Student’s ID Number in Self-Service

  1. Go to Self-Service. Self-Service is the shopping cart icon at the top of the main Trinity webpages:You can also reach Self-Service directly at
  2. Login to Self-Service using your normal Trinity account information. Remember your username is everything before the ‘@’ in your Trinity email address:
  3. Once logged in, accept the financial statement.
  4. Then, under the Faculty heading in the center of the page, click on the ‘Class list’ option.
  5. On the next page, click on the name of the course for which you wish to view the official class list.
  6. Once on the next screen, you will see all of your students listed alphabetically by last name. You can locate the students’ ID numbers in the second column.