How do I login to Moodle?

Trinity’s Moodle can be accessed online form the Trinity website, through the Moodle mobile app, and directly at the URL

Once you are on the Moodle homepage, look for the ‘Login’ block or click the ‘Login’ link in the upper right corner. If you have a small screen, the login in block will be located beneath the initial content in the center section.

Trinity faculty members and students can log into Moodle using their Trinity network/email username and password. For example, if your name is Jane Doe, your email username might be doej, which you would enter in the Username field. Enter the same password as you use for your email.

Remember your username is everything before the ‘@’ symbol in your email address.

If you’ve forgotten your password or wish to update your password, go to

Once you login, the courses in which you are currently enrolled and to which you currently have access will be listed:

  • In your “My Courses” block in the right column (remember, if you have a small screen, it will be underneath the center section)
  • In your “My Courses” list in the center of the page
  • In your “My Courses” list in the left, purple column, BUT ONLY the first 10 courses which have passed the start date but have not yet passed their end date. So if the academic term has not yet begun, but your instructor has made their course available to you early, it will ONLY be listed in the center and right column, not in the left column.

For further information, check out these FAQs with text and screenshots: