How do I import all of the activities and resources from a previous course into this new semester’s course?

You can import all of the activities and resources from a previous course into your new blank course.

If you have not made any changes to the new course shell, and you use the ‘Jump to final step’ option as shown below, your gradebook set-up, including manual gradebook items, should also transfer.

Please note: for all activities and date restricted items that you import, you will need to update the dates & times to reflect the current course/section. Learn how to update multiple dates at one time in this FAQ.

  1. Login to Moodle. Click on your new blank class, in other words the class into which you wish to import the items.
  2. On the main page of your course, look for the ‘Edit’ icon to the right of the name of the course. It looks like a gray gear with a small arrow pointed down just to the right of the gear.
  3. Click on the gear to drop-down the administration settings.
  4. Select the “Import” option.
  5. On the next screen, click the radio button next to your course that contains the items you wish to import. If you do not see the course that contains the items, you can search for it by course ID (HIS 135, for instance) and/or name. The ‘search’ feature here is exact character so ‘HIS 135 2016 Fall’ won’t bring any results, but ‘HIS 135/1-2016/Fall’ will.
  6. Click the ‘Continue’ button:
  7. On the next screen, keep everything checked. Click the ‘Jump to final step’ to import everything from the previous course. If you only wish to import a few items, follow these instructions here.
  8. You will see a status bar, showing you how the import is progressing:
  9. When the import is completed, you should receive a message saying, “Import complete. Click continue to return to the course.” Click the ‘Continue’ button.
  10. You will be brought back to your course’s homepage. You should now see all of the content from your previous course. The imported items will located in the corresponding week in the new course. So if a quiz was in the third week in your previous course, it will have been imported into the third week in your new course.
  11. LAST STEP: Adjust the dates for each activity or resource with date-related restrictions or date-related information. You can use the ‘Edit dates report’ to update them all at one time. If you do not update the dates, your assignment may open and close months before your course begins!