How do I submit Enrollment Verification?

“Enrollment Verification” is a report required for financial aid from the Federal government. This report allows Trinity to be able to verify students’ attendance and, subsequently, disburse the appropriate financial aid to the students.

As you know from working with your deans and from other University communications, submitting “Enrollment Verification” is mandatory.  This process, which depends on your role as faculty colleagues, allows us to continue to offer the financial aid opportunities to our students that we do.

Enrollment Verification is usually due shortly after the Add/Drop deadline for your academic session. Visit the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Enrollment Verification Steps

  1. Login to Moodle. In your “My Courses” block, locate the course for which you wish to submit your “Enrollment Verification.” Click on the name of the course.
  2. You will see a block in the right column called “Enrollment Verification.”  Click on the “Enrollment Verification” link in this block:
  3. Once you have clicked on the “Enrollment Verification” link, you will be brought to the page on which you will submit the “Enrollment Verification.”
  4. Assign the appropriate code to each student by clicking the button in the corresponding column. Remember:
    • A – Attended. The student has attended your class.
    • N – Never Attended. The student NEVER attended your class.
    • S – Stopped Attending. The student came at least once, but has not returned.
      NOTE: For an ‘S’ response, you must include the last date the student attended your course. THIS IS THE ONLY RESPONSE FOR WHICH YOU MUST FILL IN A DATE.
  5. Once the information for all the students is assigned, scroll down to the bottom and click the “OK” button to submit the “Enrollment Verification.”
  6. The page will reload and you will now see today’s date next to the phrase “Last modified:.”
    NOTE: You will NOT receive a confirmation message. 
  7. You can verify that all of your Enrollment was recorded by:
    1. Clicking on the “Home” link in the top left corner of the header to go back to the Moodle homepage.
    2. Clicking on your course in your “My Courses” block again.
    3. Clicking on the “Enrollment Verification” link.
    4. On the “Enrollment Verification” page, if your students still have the appropriate A, N, or S still selected and today’s date next to the phrase “Last modified:,” your “Enrollment Verification” has been submitted.

One final note: Moodle syncs with the Enrollment Services database once a day around 4:30AM. Your Enrollment Verification will be transferred then. Therefore, if you submit Monday morning, your Enrollment Verification will not be in the Enrollment Services database until Tuesday morning.