Study Abroad Application

To qualify for study abroad, students must:
• Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 and be in good academic standing.
• Have sophomore status and have completed two regular semesters at Trinity.
• Complete the Trinity application for study abroad.
• Meet with a representative of Student Financial Services.
• Receive approval from the Director of Study Abroad Programs.

Students are also responsible for fulfilling all application requirements of the sponsoring study abroad program. The Application Process In addition to completing this application, students seeking to study abroad must submit the following material:
• A transcript of all work completed at Trinity (this may be an unofficial transcript).
• A typed statement of purpose.
• A recommendation from either the program chair of the student’s major program or the student’s advisor.
• A transfer of courses Form
• A consortium agreement form.

Students are responsible for meeting all financial obligations to Trinity as well as the sponsoring program. Please return this application and all supporting materials to Dr. China Wilson, Director of the Office of Career Services and Experiential Learning (Library Room 103) Phone: (202) 884-9363  Email:

The Printable Study Abroad Form Contains the Following Fields

  • Personal Data:  first name, last name, middle name, date of birth, campus street address, city, state, zip, permanent street address, city, state, zip, daytime phone w/area code, evening phone w/area code, email address, country of citizenship, permanent resident (yes/no), visa type, emergency contact name, relationship, daytime phone, and evening phone
  • Trinity Records:  academic major, GPA, credits completed (excluding current courses), advisor, anticipated date of graduation, and current course load.
  • Study Abroad Information: name of university or organization sponsoring program, name and address of program director, phone number, program location (country and city), indicate semester for which you plan to study abroad (fall/spring/summer), dates of intended study, date of departure from the US, and date of return to the US
  • Statement of Purpose: please attach a two-page typed essay that explains your decision to study abroad and include (1) the reason you have chosen the study abroad program designated in your application, (2) the ways in which study abroad will enhance your education and contribute to the completion of your Trinity degree, and (3) a statement that you understand you are responsible for meeting Trinity’s requirements for graduation upon your return, and for fulfilling requirements for transfer of study abroad credit and transmission of your official study abroad transcript to Trinity.
  • Faculty Evaluation: you must provide a recommendation from either the Program Chair of your major program or from your advisor (please list major program chair/advisor name and academic program on the form). It is your responsibility to provide your evaluator with ample time to complete their recommendation.
  • Trinity is an Honor Community: all members of the Trinity community, students, faculty, and staff are expected to uphold a way of life that embraces personal integrity and responsibility, the foundation of the Honor system. The Honor System has been part of Trinity since 1913. Upon joining the Trinity community, each student, faculty, and staff agree to adhere to this Honor System which is listed in the University catalog and discussed during student orientation. Acceptance to a study abroad program constitutes agreement to abide by the Trinity Honor Code. Student must agree that ” I realize the responsibility involved in membership in the Trinity Washington University community. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of this community. I also affirm my intention to live according to the standards of honor, to which lying, stealing,and cheating are opposed. I will help others to maintain this responsibility in all matters essential to the common good of the community”
  • Applicant’s Certification: Student must sign and date certification that ” I hereby certify that the information I have provided in and included with this application is complete and accurate
  • Courses Planned for Study Abroad: please list the courses you plan to take in your study abroad program. Since it is impossible to forecast scheduling changes at the host institution, you should have some courses in reserve; mark these with an asterisk. If a course fulfills a major requirement or FLC/Core Curriculum requirement, the appropriate Program Chair must indicate approval on this form. Attach additional pages if necessary. Students must list course number, number of credits, course title, trinity equivalent, and program chair’s approval.
  • Certification: deviation from this plan may affect the student’s receipt of financial aid and/or anticipated date of graduation. Courses not listed on this form will not necessarily be approved for fulfill curricular or major requirements. All individuals who sign below should retain a copy of this form. The following signatures are required on the form: student’s signature, program chair’s signature, advisor’s signature (if different from Program Chair above), financial aid officer’s signature, and study abroad director’s signature.