About the Math Center

The Math Center, located in LIB 101, is the place to go for help with math homework and to meet with a tutor. The Math Center is staffed by students with math expertise in a number of subjects, ranging from basic math thru calculus. The Math Center Operates Homework Help Sessions every week as well as scheduled workshops on select math topics.

Supplemental Math Help

Each  week, Math Specialists and tutors hold problem solving sessions to help students in various math courses. This time is dedicated to helping students learn to problem solve to improve numeracy and quantitative skills. Participants are assigned to work out challenging problems so that they may discover the proper steps as well as how to work through problems successfully. These sessions, open to students enrolled in various math courses.

Math Specialists

Math Specialists are an invaluable resource for the Trinity community. In addition to teaching math classes, they assist students with developing needed numeracy skills. They provide extra support during Monday Math, weekly labs and office hours. Contact them individually to schedule an appointment or for their office hours.

Additional Math Support & Online Resources