A. Professional Training and Development

B. Career Advancement and Professional Growth

C. Employee Assistance Counseling

Participation in the life of Trinity College opens opportunities for employees to enjoy many of the best aspects of ‘college life’ while also continuing to grow professionally and personally. Beyond the opportunity to earn tuition benefits leading to degrees (see Section VIII), Trinity also provides educational, professional and personal services and opportunities for employees.

A.   Professional Training and Development

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for providing regular programs for employee training and professional development on a broad range of topics. The training programs offered through HR are an important part of Trinity’s workforce development, and all staff are expected to participate as appropriate; staff may take time from the regular workday to take advantage of training programs offered through HR, and supervisors should cooperate with the training schedule.

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B.   Career Advancement and Professional Growth

For individuals wishing to advance their careers with Trinity, the Office of Human Resources posts notices of open positions on a continuous basis. Internal candidates with appropriate qualifications are often preferred to fill open positions. However, no supervisor should discuss an open position with an employee working in another department without first consulting with the director of Human Resources.

Individual employees who would like to receive advice and counseling about career growth at Trinity may and should take advantage of the services available through Human Resources as well as the College’s Career Center.

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C.   Employee Assistance Counseling

Trinity’s Office of Human Resources can provide confidential external referrals to employees who seek counseling and assistance for a wide variety of personal issues. Trinity may also require counseling in instances in which an employee’s conduct at work indicates a need for such assistance. Trinity has a legal obligation to make such counseling available in any cases involving use or abuse of drugs or alcohol.

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Trinity College reserves the right to interpret or change the policies stated in this Handbook as the need arises. This document is not a contract.

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