Director of Writing

Trinity Washington University is seeking a dynamic Director of Writing at Trinity’s Writing & Research Center.

The Director of Writing takes a leading role in implementing and innovating writing initiatives as part of Trinity’s Writing & Research Center, one of the flagship initiatives of the library and University. In this role, the Director will work closely with the University Librarian and other library colleagues to assess and address writing and research needs throughout the University’s many colleges and programs. The Director of Writing will design learning experiences that help students from a diverse range of backgrounds, including first-generation college students and adult learners, become critical and ethical writers and researchers. Class visits, one-on-one consultations, student workshops, passive learning objects, and curriculum-building comprise the variety of instruction modes this position will be involved with. The incumbent will help manage writing tutors, deliver writing workshops, and collaborate closely with librarians to create a wholistic Writing & Research Center.


The Director of Writing at Trinity’s Writing & Research Center supports the University Librarian in planning, directing, and delivering educational, writing, and research initiatives as part of Trinity’s Writing & Research Center (TWRC) by fulfilling the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities.

  • Leadership – Provide leadership and administrative coordination for TWRC
    • Maintain consistent presence at the Center across day/evening hours to support tutors and faculty
    • Create and coordinate tutor scheduling and Center communication systems
    • Monitor schedule daily, adjusting for sickness, cancellations, and workshop requests
  • Provide leadership and advocacy for writing across the curriculum
    • Design and lead faculty development initiatives including workshops, retreats, learning communities’ meetings, research/writing groups, and individual consultations focused on writing projects and pedagogy
    • Meet with departments across the curriculum to talk about the Center’s services and discuss how we can support their majors/particular courses
    • Work with campus Committees toward incorporating writing to learn, writing to engage, and writing in the disciplines throughout the curriculum.
    • Maintain currency in, and advocate for, sound writing pedagogy across the curriculum
  • Supervise part-time tutors.
    • Recruitment and hiring
    • Solicit nominations for tutoring candidates from across campus
    • Respond to students’ queries regarding employment opportunities at the Center
    • Interview and complete the hiring process for each tutor
    • Pre-service training
    • Supervise, and develop advanced part-time tutors.
  • Professional development training
    • Lead training meetings for undergraduate tutors, coordinate training meetings with head tutors and create online training modules.
    • Peer Training (for librarian staff and instructional staff) focused on current issues/research in writing center studies, writing across the curriculum, information studies, and issues related to the center’s daily work, including:
      • Best practices (i.e. listening techniques; addressing difficult tutoring scenarios, etc.)
      • Reflection on tutoring practices and review of appointment feedback
      • Team-building activities and improving workplace communication
    • Support for undergraduate research in the Center and opportunities on Trinity’s campus, and at regional and national writing center/library conferences and to publish in writing center/library journals
  • Supervision
    • Manage and mediate employee relations
    • Supervise tutor work and Center managerial tasks (i.e. make sure that tutors are following opening and closing protocols, customer service-oriented tasks, etc.)
    • Meet with tutors to discuss policies and tutoring strategies, debrief tutoring experiences, and prepare for, or debrief in-class workshops across the curriculum.
  • Outreach
    • Actively promote writing and related pedagogies among Trinity faculty and students
    • Actively engage in the life of the campus, including through participation at Orientation and welcome Days and Campus-wide events such as Commencement, Graduation, etc.
    • Create and deliver Writing/academic support workshops for students


  • Master’s degree in Rhetoric and Composition, Education, or related field with credentialed expertise in English as a second language support and/or the education of exceptional learners
  • One (1) year of related or equivalent experience.
  • Familiarity with Higher Education.
  • An understanding (developed through formal coursework, personal study, or professional experience) of key concepts in tutoring pedagogy, writing pedagogy, curriculum development, and/or assessment.
  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Excellent student support skills.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience teaching or presenting to groups.
  • Experience working in Higher Education, providing writing support services and/or instruction.
  • Familiarity with learning management software (Blackboard, Moodle, etc.).
  • Familiarity with accessibility standards and understanding of web accessibility issues.

All Qualified Applicants APPLY HERE 

Trinity Washington University is dedicated to the achievement of excellence and diversity among its students, faculty dedicated to the achievement of excellence and diversity among its students, faculty, and staff. Trinity is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community and strongly encourages all qualified individuals to apply.