Graduation Information

Deadlines to apply for graduation:

Fall – October 1
Spring – February 1
Summer – July 1

Degree Clearance Process

Step 1: Apply for graduation.

  • Complete the Application for Graduation on-line at Trinity’s website.
  • Your student account balance must be paid in full for final graduation clearance.  Review your student account balance and payment arrangement with Enrollment Services.
  • If you borrowed a federal student loan while attending Trinity, complete Exit Counseling online to receive important information about loan repayment options.
  • Update your current address in Self-Service on the “My Profile” tab.

Step 2: Enrollment Services will coordinate with your advisor to conduct a formal review of your academic records and determine your eligibility for graduation.

Step 3: Once the graduation clearances are completed Enrollment Services will notify you by mail.


If you are cleared to graduate, you will receive a letter with information on how to get your diploma.


If you are not cleared to graduate, you will receive a letter explaining why you are not cleared and who you should contact. Keep in mind that you must reapply for graduation for the next term in which you intend to complete your requirements.

Here are some reasons why you may not be cleared for graduation:

  • You are registered for a subsequent term (YOU MUST REAPPLY FOR THAT TERM).
  • You have a financial obligation to the University.  Balances must be paid in full in order to participate in Commencement and to receive an official transcript.
  • You have not fulfilled all University and/or departmental graduation requirements.
  • We have not received an official transcript to be able to evaluate and award transfer credit needed to meet degree requirements.
  • Your name does not match the information contained in our database–please provide documentation i.e. court order, marriage license, and social security card or divorce decree so that we can make these corrections.

Diploma Guidelines

The objective of these guidelines is to ensure the uniformity of wording, lay-out, and format of Trinity diplomas. As diplomas may be considered legal documents in some settings, uniformity helps to guard against diploma misuse and credential fraud.

These guidelines apply to diplomas awarded for the bachelors and masters degrees.

  1. The diploma is a document which awards the student an academic degree, (e.g. Bachelor of Arts, Master of Education.)  The academic curriculum is not included in the diploma.
  2. Undergraduate diplomas shall include Latin honors (cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude) when earned.
  3. Graduate degrees are not awarded Latin honors.
  4. The College of Arts and Sciences diplomas are printed in Latin—all others are printed in English.
  5. Diplomas shall include the seal of the University and shall carry the signature of each of the following two incumbent administrators: Chair of the Board of Trustees and President of Trinity.

The name on printed on your diploma must conform to the name on record at the date of your graduation.

Latin Honors

Latin honors are conferred on graduating CAS and SPS undergraduate students who have achieved the following minimum cumulative grade point averages and have earned a bachelor’s degree:

cum laude – 3.5
magna cum laude – 3.7
summa cum laude – 3.9

Replacement Diplomas

Graduates may request a replacement diploma if their original diploma has been lost or destroyed. Replacement diplomas shall carry all information contained on the original except that all signatories will be current administrators. Graduates may request a replacement diploma by submitting the Duplicate Diploma Request Form. Replacements are ordered on a monthly basis–please allow 4-6 weeks for processing. If your name has changed since you graduated, your diploma will still read your name as of when you graduated from Trinity. If you would like your diploma mailed you may indicate so on the Duplicate Diploma Request Form. All diplomas are shipped via regular USPS mail and may be shipped overseas. Please note that there is a $50.00 fee to reorder diplomas. This fee must be paid before your diploma is ordered. You may remit payment to the Business Office by visiting Main Hall room 114, calling 202-884-9527, or including payment with submission of the request form.

Unclaimed Diplomas: Unclaimed, undeliverable or withheld diplomas may be retained in the Enrollment Services Office for a period of five years after which time they are destroyed. Graduates wishing to replace an unclaimed, destroyed diploma must purchase a replacement diploma as described above.

Is your contact information accurate and up-to-date? As a candidate for graduation, the University will be contacting you with important information on Commencement and Senior Activities.  Update your current address in Self-Service on the “My Profile” tab.