Internship Learning Agreement

This learning agreement must be completed, signed by all parties, and submitted to Career Services (Room 103, Library 1st floor) before the end of the add/drop enrollment period. If a student registers for an internship but fails to submit this form by the deadline, the course may be dropped from the student’s schedule UNLESS the student submits a written extension request, with the faculty supervisor’s approval, before the end of the schedule adjustment period.

The Printable Study Abroad Form Contains the Following Fields.

  • Personal Data: student name, student ID#, local address, email, home phone, work phone, major, total credits completed, academic advisor, total credits for this semester, internship course number, credits for internship, semester, internship site, site address
  • Faculty Internship Supervisor: “I have confirmed the details of the internship as indicated on both sides of this learning agreement. I will work with the student throughout the semester to ensure that the learning objectives are met, and in conjunction with the on-site supervisor, I will evaluate the work products of the internship. Faculty supervisor signature, date, and phone number. Internships should be take on a pass/no pass basis unless the supervising faculty member provides documentation detailing the reasons and criteria for grading the internship on the 4-point scale.
  • On-site Internship Supervisor: ” I have agreed to direct and supervise the student’s internship. I will provide assistance, consultation, training, and support in order to help the student meet the internship learning objectives. I agree to provide a written evaluation of the student’s progress. On-site supervisor signature, date, and phone number
  • Student Intern: ” I accept the academic and workplace assignments that are included in this learning agreement. I will familiarize myself and act according to the relevant organizational policies and procedures that govern the internship worksite. I will conduct myself in accordance with the Trinity Washington University Honor Code. Student Intern signature and date
  • Director of Career Services: the Director of Career Services signature and date
  • Internship Work Description: student must provide a separate job description on company letterhead which outlines on-site job responsibilities. Indicate learning activities that the student will engage in, including training, conference, projects, tasks, interactions with other professionals,etc.
  • Internship Learning Outcomes: outline learning objectives for each category as well as strategies to achieve these objectives, Form must include (a) application of academic knowledge, (b) skill development, (c) professional insights, (d) personal development. Student must list learning objectives (what I expect to learn?) and strategies (how I expect to learn?)
  • Internship Assessment: describe how the internship faculty supervisor will assess student learning and determine student”s grade (for example journals, reports, on-site observations, portfolio preparation, research projects, etc.). If the internship is taken for a letter grade, attach a separate sheet outlining grading criteria.