In Memoriam

This is where we list all Trinity alumni that have passed away during the year. We will try to update on a monthly basis.

If you need to report a death, please contact the Alumnae/i Relations Office at 202-884-9700 or via email

You can even go to the online form to submit information.

In Memoriam:

We want to take this opportunity to acknowledge those alums that have passed away as of July 15, 2020. Their light may have gone out, but their memory still lives on.


Mary C. Kirby Murphy ’38 Angela Lombard McCann ’55
Gloria Datre Schmidt ’43 Virginia (Nancy) Gleason Muldoon ’55
Natalie Cregg Ballard ’45 Mary Farrell Jackson ’56
Monica Quirk Bubser ’45 Agnes Inglesby McEarlen ’56
Anne O’Donnell Clark ’45 Mary Carolan Malia ’57
Mary Hennigan Hickey ’45 Cornelia Pope Kuliesh ’59
Dorothea Condon Chase ’46 Barbara Wojie Deem ’60
Patricia Steele Fuller ’46 Mary Jean Gallagher ’60
Elizabeth Keane Fitzpatrick ’48 Elizabeth Keeler Pollock ’60
Patricia Dugan Hines ’48 Martha Marhoefer Abbate’65
Mary Irene Lanigan ’48 Katherine Bonafield Miller ’66
Lea Marie Gendreau LaPorte ’48 Margaret O’Keeffe Glaven ’68
Patricia Bryan Wilber ’48 Madeleine Marcouyeaux Brown ’69
Vivienne Lambert Ehret ’49 Mary Morton ’69
Ruth Lovell Nicholas ’50 Cecelia Zurick ’70
Sr. Julia Burkart ’52 Polly Park Dyer ’72 MAT
Nancy Jennett Flynn ’52 Kathleen Talty ’75
Joanne Schneid Gorman ’52 Joan Brooks Wooldridge ’75
Florence Sullivan Christ ’53 Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick Dennard ’76
Mary Keefe Hetlyn ’53 Patricia Simon Frelow ’79 MAT
Gloria Murphy Ford ’54 Jacqueline Gulick Lambertson ’86
Peggy Urband Curry ’55 Barbara May Drake ’87
Waithira Gacangi Kiruthi ’16 MA


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