Reunion Class Newsletters

      Funeral Candle

      In Memoriam

      We remember the legacy of our fellow alumni who have passed on, and we keep them in our prayers as we strive to live our own lives in the spirit they have left behind.

      Lila O’Brien Sullivan with her son’s family in Machu Picchu, Peru

      Class Notes Online

      Class Notes are now published online and are searchable with the (Crtl+F) function, and the latest Class Notes are listed at the top for each class year.

      Campus on the Cape

      Class Directory

      Find your old friends! Get the gang back together! (Password required)

      nursing lab

      Reunion Class Gift

      Be part of something great! Any giving by a member of the Class of 1963 will count toward 60th Reunion giving and will help solidify Trinity’s legacy for our next 125 years.

      Golds 63 23 Naples

      Our Favorite Things

      A collection of your class’ favorite lists, memories and songs!