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1955 Trinity Class Page

We are so glad that you have visited our class page where we will share news and information on Zoom virtual gatherings. To that end, please join us for a


1955 Golden Girls Zoom Call

March 3, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. EST

(Eastern 5PM, Central 4PM, Mountain 3PM, Pacific 2PM)

RSVP by emailing Trinity at for the Zoom link.

This is a social virtual get-together with no agenda, just good friends reconnecting with one another.


We hope to see you soon!


Dorothy and Mary Anne

1955 Class Co-chairs 

Dorothy Dannemiller Rogers-Abbey

Mary Anne Smith Villeneuve


1955 Trinity Golden Girls

Below is our Class of 1955 members list. To the many classmates unable to attend our Zoom gathering, we miss you all so much and send blessings to you.

We would like to stay in touch. Please update your contact information online HERE or by emailing

Anne Crimmins Awad – No email on file
Mary Pyne Beins – No email on file
Marlene Springman Berger
Katharine “Kitty” Loftus Boucher
Marlene Colon Bravo
Mary Garvey Buchness – No email on file
Marie Sullivan Butler – No email on file
Katherine Ryan Calnan
Carmel Fama Cervoni – No email on file
Mary Ciannavei – No email on file
Eileen Kirk Clew
Eleanor Foley Conners – No email on file
Laila Curtin Cuddy
Jeanne Zoli Danaher – No email on file
Mary Kane Dmuchovsky – No email on file
Anne Von Boetticher Duer – No email on file
Mary Eagan
Noreen Casey Emerson – No email on file
Julia Dorety Ennis
Mary Jane Lambert Evans – No email on file
Jennifer Fairfax – No email on file
Margaret Lloyd Fairhurst
Barbara Chubet Feener – No email on file
Patricia Lang Fitzgerald – No email on file
Patricia Marinaro Fitzpatrick
Margaret “Peggy” Mahorner Foster
Joanne Tartaglino Gignac
Sister Maureen Griffin – No email on file
Anita Casani Haffey
Elizabeth Sena Haimes – No email on file
Dorothy Webb Hudson – No email on file
Mary Quinn Immer
Mary King Kayser
Suzanne “Due” Duross Kelly – No email on file
Wilma Kelly Kennedy
Josephine “Joey” Lamb Krossa
Lois McCann Ladds – No email on file
Virginia Fitzpatrick Larkin
Carolyn Hendershott Martin
Ann “Nancy” Relihan Martini – No email on file
Barbara Zamierowski Martucci
Sister Patricia “Pat” McCarthy
Margaret Forbes McGreevey
Mary Ellen Forbes McMillen
Patricia Mutrie Merlo
Donna Demann Neville
Margaret A. O’Brien – No email on file
Luisa Crotti Pliska
Mary Dennany Plunkett
Marie Pace Quinn
Mariela PÈrez Castillo Rago
Mechtilde Schmidt Reda – No email on file
Dorothy Dannemiller Rogers-Abbey
Margaret Rooney
Eloise Johnston Sanchez – No email on file
Julia Ann “Judy” Conley Schumacher – No email on file
Patricia Queenan Sheehan – No email on file
Joan Cremona Studnicky
Joan Keller Tibbetts
Diane Burkhart Vagias – No email on file
Joan Murphy Vayo
Mary Anne Smith Villeneuve
Margaret “Margie” Kruse Wallenberger – No email on file
Barbara Burns Weidenbruch
Ludmila Nemec Wiedemann – No email on file
Lois McSherry Williamson – No email on file
Mary Ann Hurley Wingard
Patricia Drennan Woodlock
Janet O’ Boyle Zambon – No email on file



It is with deep sorrow and prayers that we announce the deaths of the following 1955 classmates:

Mary Mullane, Deceased 3/23/90
Dorothy “Doty” Duffy, Deceased 5/1/90
Ann Rice Bond, Deceased 9/1/94
Blair Montgomery McKelvey, Deceased 4/10/97
Elsa Farman, Deceased 9/1/99
Margaret Mary duFief Missar, Deceased 4/18/02
Lenora (Mimi) Toland Amorosi, Deceased 9/1/03
Ann Dolan Evans, Deceased 12/15/03
Diane Orlowska Gilbert, Deceased before 2006
Elizabeth Knarr Gratehouse, Deceased before 2006
Ellen Fallon Fruchterman, Deceased before 2006
Helen Anne Muir Bertke, Deceased before 2006
Jacquelyn Shea Fish, Deceased before 2006
Jean Connors Sullivan, Deceased before 2006
Lois Fox Mastrangelo, Deceased before 2006
Mary Catherine Kilday, Deceased before 2006
Mary Jeanne Stock Nickerson, Deceased before 2006
Gaynor Burtis Houghton, Deceased before 2006
Ruth Hickey Ziehm, Deceased before 2006
Joan Reilly Sharp, Deceased 11/12/07
Catherine O’Connor Kelly, Deceased 2/8/08
Marjorie Peters Shaw, Deceased 5/29/08
Joan O’Hora Baker, Deceased 9/6/08
C. Elaine Kelley Sonosky, Deceased 4/30/09
Patricia McCanna Cooper, Deceased 8/5/09
Jane Huston Bell, Deceased 7/14/10
Judith Auchter Pfarr, Deceased 12/23/11
Sheilagh Donoghue Coulter, Deceased 3/5/12
Edna Kelley Brinkman, Deceased 7/16/12
Joan Ryan Lawrence, Deceased 7/30/12
Janet Gary Phippard, Deceased 4/2/13
Suzanne Harvey Lynch, Deceased 4/4/13
Lenore Lyons Clark, Deceased 6/25/13
Mary Ward Siroky, Deceased 10/23/13
Joanne Holland Whallon, Deceased 9/10/14
Clara McGuire Haser, Deceased 9/12/14
Kathryn Geraghty Tubman, Deceased 10/16/14
Isabel Drane Wolf, Deceased 12/3/14
Patricia McFadden Schwarz, Deceased 12/31/14
Patricia Ricker Yeatman, Deceased 7/20/15
Miriam Kirkwood Moran, Deceased 10/22/15
Dorothy Rendell Huebner, Deceased 12/24/15
Georgianna Mc Fadden Goebel, Deceased 7/11/16
Barbara Coppeto, Deceased 1/5/17
Rita Horbett Burns, Deceased 1/20/17
Marcella Seymour Lilly, Deceased 9/30/17
Ruth Leary, notified 3/26/18
Catherine Monaghan Kilduff, Deceased 5/3/18
Dauris Falcone Murphy, Deceased 9/8/18
Judith Finn Walsh, Deceased 9/8/18
Carol Monica, Deceased 9/30/18
Lore Carlisle Sheedy, Deceased 10/28/18
Virginia Bennett Burch, Deceased 12/20/18
Margaret Urband Curry, Deceased 6/29/19
Angela Lombard McCann, Deceased 12/12/19
Dolores Heck Colarusso, Deceased 4/25/20
Claire McCormick, notified 5/1/20
Virginia “Nancy” Gleason Muldoon, Deceased 5/12/20
Mary Simonet White, Deceased 11/6/20
Joan Blais Walsh, Deceased 1/2/21
Elizabeth Ann Belson Flynn, Deceased 5/28/21
Mary Louise Crane Keenan, Deceased 7/21/21
Barbara O’Connor Smith, Deceased 9/18/21
M. Elizabeth Cosgriff Kennedy, Deceased 9/23/21
Patricia Hanney Waschka, Deceased 1/7/22