1960 Class Notes for 2022

Class of 1960 Class Notes

The largest gathering of classmates this year was in Manhattan in October.  Regina Ryan hosted a party at her apartment on Friday and Mary McMahon Shannon was the hostess for Saturday.  Other attendees were Adele Jones Calcavecchio with her friend, Bill Clare, Marie Lalor Rozan, Rosemary Murphy Dinnhaupt, Rosemary Romano Goodman, Angela Musetto Imhof with her daughter Michele, Peggy McCarthy McCaig, Maggie Reid, Dana Crowley, and Judy Murphy Leheny.

There’s news from some of the women at the party.  Adele is acting again after the pandemic closed theaters for so long.  She’s been in two plays.

 Mary Shannon sold her home In the Florida Keys. There were too many hurricanes!  She spends most of her time in Atlanta and is looking for a new dog., one over 12 pounds. Mary tripped over her last dog and broke her collarbone. Both of her knees have been replaced.  Two of her sons live in Atlanta so she sees their families regularly. The third son has returned to Hawaii and Mary’s daughter is in LA with her young family.  As Mary said, it’ll be a while before real visiting can continue.” Judy Leheny’s still lecturing about the Medieval collection at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Her latest project has been working on the restoration of a public park in her hometown, Chappaqua, Ny. For years she has been sending money to Trinity for the library to buy a book for each deceased member of the class of ‘60.  Each book has a special bookplate.

Marie Lalor Rozan has grandchildren 6 and 8 living nearby.  They’re back to school in Brooklyn after schools were closed for the pandemic. Traveling again, she was in Boston in October and expects to go to Florida in February.

Of the other Reds, Molly Scanlan Kelly is a daily communicant with twenty “grand treasures.” Two are in Vietnam, where her son Kevin met and married a woman when he went there to teach. 

Brenda Daley Carr is revising her hilly backyard in Annandale, Va., making it a haven for birds, butterflies, deer, fox, chipmunks, and, of course, the ubiquitous squirrels.

Betty Trail Neubauer is in Maryland and has three kids, nine grandchildren and five great grands. Denise Maloney O’Hearn spends her summers in Southampton, New York, but has been moving to Florida for the winters.

Walda Murphy Connell’s daughter Kate has bought a home in Oncet, Ma. Three generations will be living together: Walda, Kate, and Kate’s son Ryan. Also, a five-pound chihuahua named Diva. They expect to move in November. 

Sheila O’Neill ‘O’Connor lives at The Marshes in Savannah. She visited her son and his family, in Colorado. There included a grandchild and two great grands. They had the opportunity to go to New Mexico and see Carlsbad Caverns and White Sands National Park.  in November she’ll be in Greece and many other countries. Then will spend most of December with her daughter in Connecticut.

Kathy Conole Reynolds is undergoing physical therapy. The surgeon replacing her hip broke her femur., so she’s staying in upstate New York.  

Noel Burke Cosby and her husband Jim went on a fall foliage cruise on the Hudson River.  Then her church group had a craft sale, and they spent the weekend of October 26th at the Bavarian Inn in West Virginia.  

Mary Ann Torok Neiger and her husband Ed have lived in Heritage Village in Southbury Ct. for ten years. Her two children and their families are close enough to meet regularly.  Mary Ann, Nancy Wallace, and Gloria Hicks Garvin often meet for lunch. As she says, “family, good friends, health, and. fun…it doesn’t get much better than this!

Fran Sprague Laughlin says she, Malcolm, and their three daughters are all healthy and have great jobs.  

As for me, my son, the widow of a good friend, and her daughter live with me in Arlington, Va. I don’t drive, so they do the shopping and take me to my few doctor’s appointments.  They also do my laundry and figure out my computer.  I’m truly blessed.

We were born before Pearl Harbor, saw the end of WWII, went down to see Queen Elizabeth drive by in 1957. We’ve had fifteen presidents, including the first and second Catholic and the first African American.  When we were born, computers hadn’t been invented and man hadn’t been to the moon. When we graduated, Trinity was a college, not a university. 

Now we’ve had the first female Speaker of the House, an adviser to a US president, a governor of Kansas who became the Secretary of Health and Human Services responsible for the Affordable Care Act. …all from Trinity.  

We can do anything!!

Betty Cole Mullen