The Capital Area Association for Peace Studies (CAAPS) announces its 24th annual Student Conference

Peace and Justice for Our Planet

At Trinity Washington University
Saturday, March 26, 2011

WHO: Attention students in DC, Maryland and Virginia.  You are invited to present your best intellectual, academic, artistic or activist work on peace, justice, social change, and the survival of the planet in a supportive setting at Trinity University on Saturday, March 26.  Be part of a vibrant community of peace educators and students to enhance your learning and build a regional network.  This free conference is a welcoming and hospitable environment for young people to gain professional experience presenting or moderating, inviting feedback on their work, sharing activism, and networking for internships or jobs.  Students will hear speakers, interact with representatives of non-profit organizations, and join in collective activities (meals, music, movement, etc.).  Diverse visions and definitions of peace and justice are welcomed.  There are NO fees to attend or exhibit.  It is free.

WHAT: Students submit a proposal to the faculty person at their school by March  16 for the following:

  • A Paper.  Papers with similar themes or topics will be organized into sessions featuring 2 or 3 presenters. Each person will have15 to 20 minutes to present, followed by commentary and questions-and-answers.  We are looking for students to present and moderate.
  • A Roundtable.  This is a more informal session among several participants, each of whom gives a 3-4 minute summary of his or her ideas on a common theme or issue, before opening up the discussion for everyone to comment.   Student moderators keep track of time and ensure everyone has a chance to speak.
  • A Workshop.  These are designed to be experiential or practical in nature. Workshop presenters share their expertise with participants, provide practical exercises, or lead demonstrations of skills. Past workshops have been organized around topics such as career and professional development, conflict resolution skills, action and reflection for social justice, lobbying, teaching tolerance, among many other skills.

Submitting a Proposal

Find the contact at your school below to submit a proposal by March 16, 2011.

What is CAAPS?

The Capital Area Association for Peace Studies (CAAPS) was founded in 1988 in order to promote cooperation among peace studies programs in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia.  Since then, it has brought together students and faculty from area campuses to strengthen students’ academic and leadership skills in the growing, multidisciplinary field of peace studies.

A mainstay of CAAPS is its annual student conference, a forum for the presentation of student research and the exchange of experience and ideas among students, faculty, and members of the D.C. peacemaking community. The conference is a moveable feast hosted on a revolving basis.  In past years it has found an enthusiastic reception at American University, Catholic University, Georgetown University, George Washington University, Marymount University and Trinity Washington University.

Thanks to everyone who has sustained CAAPS for 24 years!