Institutional Review Process

The Institutional Review process applies to research projects conducted by faculty or students of Trinity that involves human subjects. Such research is typically in the behavioral sciences and education, e.g., Psychology, Counseling, Education, Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Communication, and but may involve almost any other discipline as well. Because the researcher may derive a benefit from conducting such research (e.g., a grade, a promotion, a book published, tenure, etc.), safeguards are necessary to be sure that the research is free from bias, and that the subjects involved are truly engaged voluntarily. Therefore, Trinity has a clear policy statement relating to the IRB process.

Institutional Review Board

In order to implement this policy and create a climate to promote good research practices, Trinity has created the Institutional Review Board. The IRB has the authority to approve, require modifications in, or disapprove all research activities that fall within the definition of ‘research’ in this policy.

Current IRB Members

Chair: Wairimu Mwangi, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Institutional Member: Cynthia DeBoy, Professor of Biology

Institutional Member: Steven Gable, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Institutional Member: Rosanna Sanchez-John, Assistant Professor of Counseling, Nursing and Health Professions

Institutional Member: Hans Momplaisir, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Institutional Member: Jamal Watson, Associate Dean, Professional and Graduate Studies, and Program Director, Strategic Communication and Public Relations

Administrative Member: Leslie Ward, Director of Institutional Research

Community Member: Ometha Lewis-Jack, Associate Professor and Chair of Psychology, Bowie State University

IRB Application

All research projects conducted by faculty or students of Trinity that involves human subjects must submit a complete IRB Application. While some projects may be deemed exempt from review and other may receive an expedited review, this will be determined by the IRB Board Chair.