Faculty Professional Development Support
Application Checklist



□   Obtain an application from the Provost’s Office and review the policy on faculty professional development support for full -time faculty.

Prior to Travel (Pre-Approval)

Verify that the following has been provided:
□   Employee’s full name, contact information, date of travel, destination, conference sponsor, and  role in the conference

□   Type a brief statement explaining the purpose of your trip, specifying whether you are giving a paper, presentation, serving as a board member or officer of the group, or other purpose. Please attach any materials that support your statement.

□   Estimate all costs associated with your professional development travels (i.e. transportation, parking, meals, hotel, and conference registration)

□   Attach receipts and/or printed estimates for transportation, hotel costs, and conference registration

□   Sign and date the first page of the application

□   Email the application and supporting documents to your Dean for review and approval. Please note all applications must be typed and submitted electronically. Applications that do not include a rationale for the trip will be returned to the faculty member for revision.

If your application is approved, you will receive a signed copy of your application and further instruction from the Dean to request a purchase order.

 Prior to Travel (Post Approval)

Verify that you have completed the following tasks:
□   Request a Purchase Order

□   Provide the Provost’s trinity email as the “approver email address”

□   Provide the following budget codes: 130509971260 (travel) and 130509971280 (conference)

□   Provide a rationale and purpose  for your travels

□   Attach your application for faculty professional development support and all supporting documents (i.e. receipts, estimates, registration confirmation, etc.)

□   Submit the Purchase Order

You will be notified once your purchase order request has been approved.

After the Travel

Verify that the following has been provided:
□   Write a brief statement summarizing the results and outcome of your experience on your original application for travel.

□   Provide the actual expenses for the trip, including the amount requested for reimbursement.

□   Sign and date the second page of the application

□   Complete an Expense Reimbursement Form

□   Print, sign, and date the Expense Reimbursement Form

□   Attach all itemized receipts and documentation

□   Deliver the revised application, Expense Reimbursement Form, and original receipts as one packet to the Provost for final authorization. Please note in order to process your reimbursement, your original receipts must be attached.

The Business Office will notify you once your reimbursement is ready for pick-up.