Other Resources

Trinity’s Office of Enrollment Services is committed to assisting you with all arrangements for paying your bill.  In addition to Trinity, Federal, and State aid these other options can be helpful when planning for your college expenses.

Automatic Payment Plan

Trinity allows students to arrange for payment of tuition in monthly installments over the course of the semester using a monthly payment plan.

Please contact Nelnet Business Solutions at 1-800-609-8056 for more information or additional help in signing in.

There is a $25 fee for participation, but there are no interest charges. The plan is not available for the Summer Term, May Term, Winter Term, or accelerated sessions.

Alternative Loans

Alternative loans can be used in conjunction with Trinity, federal, and state aid to pay your bill.

A variety of alternative loan programs are available to students and parents.  These loans are considered consumer loans, and approval is based on a good credit history and a satisfactory debt-to-income ratio.  Borrowers should compare fees, interest rates, and repayment options before applying.

Trinity will certify any alternative loans requests we receive, as long as the student meets the eligibility requirements as determined by the lender.

Employer Tuition Remission

Many companies provide assistance to their employees to help with tuition expenses. Some companies will pay for classes at the beginning of the term; others reimburse the student once classes are completed. Students should check with their employer to see if they are eligible for such benefits.

Students whose employers will be providing financial assistance must submit a voucher to generate employer billing at the time they seek financial clearance. Students who will be reimbursed by their employers upon satisfactory completion of course work need to pay for their courses up-front and then can request reimbursement from their employer. Students required to pay all tuition and fees by the first day of class.

Rehabilitation Services Administration Benefits

Participants in Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) programs may be eligible for tuition benefits.  All RSA students must apply directly with RSA for benefits.  They must also apply for the Federal Pell grant by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and providing any additional documents requested by the Trinity Office of Enrollment Services.  RSA students must submit their vouchers to Enrollment Services before the beginning of each semester.

For more information about RSA , contact RSA at (202) 442-8400 or visit their website.