Credit Balances and Refunds

If your financial aid award exceeds your direct costs at Trinity (tuition, room and board, etc.), you will receive a refund.  Refunds begin to be issued approximately 7-10 days after the disbursement date once attendance has been verified.

You may select the method in which you want your refund delivered to you in Self Service. A full description of each method can be found on the Business Office website: We encourage you to use direct deposit, the fastest and most efficient method of receiving your refund.

By accepting a refund of federal financial aid you agree that if you fail to meet any criteria for receiving that aid you are responsible to return the federal financial aid refund you received, as well as pay in full any remaining balance left on your account.  You also agree that you are responsible for any book voucher purchases charged to your Trinity student account after the refund check was issued, and that it is your responsibility to make sure that any outstanding charges are paid.

All funds issued to you by Trinity through a federal financial aid refund must be used toward educational expenses only and using these funds in any other manner is in violation of and punishable by federal law.