Commencement Instructions

Congratulations to our Graduates!

This page provides specific instructions to assist you with planning and attendance during the various events for Commencement.

1.  Virtual Graduation Celebrations

We will have virtual graduation ceremonies, as we did last spring and in the winter, to give you and your families a chance to talk about the meaning of the moment and to give us a chance to deliver some final messages.  Those ceremonies will take place on May 18-19-20 at times to be announced shortly and zoom links will be sent to Graduates

How do the virtual ceremonies work?

The virtual graduation ceremonies have taken place several times, and the videos are available online.  In those ceremonies, we assemble in groups according to degrees and major programs.  We have some remarks, we confer degrees, and every graduate has an opportunity to talk about the meaning of their studies at Trinity.  Faculty also participate and have an opportunity to talk about the graduates.  Family members often attend as well, and the events have proven to be very personal and quite moving.  So, we want to keep that part of the moment even as we restore an element of the outdoor ceremony.  See the full schedule at:

2. Diploma Distribution

We will have OUTDOOR diploma distribution ceremonies on the library front steps on May 21 and 22.  Each graduate will have an opportunity to hear Provost Ocampo call her or his name and to walk up the aisle, receive the diploma, have a photo taken with President McGuire and celebrate the moment.  Because of this concept, you will have the option to purchase a full regalia package (academic mortarboard, academic gown and hood) from the Bookstore online at:

How will the outdoor ceremonies work?

To remain safe and socially distant, graduates will arrive at the appointed time at Cuvilly driveway and drive around campus, checking in at various checkpoints along the way.  Those coming by Metro or walking will come directly to the front lawn where we will have a socially distanced waiting area.

Graduates will go around the campus, and stop in front of the library — our traditional spot for commencement — and each graduate walks up to get her or his diploma, gets a photo, and then departs.  Those who walk-in will also be placed in line upon arrival.

For this to work well, we will need everyone’s cooperation, of course.  We ask that there be ONE vehicle arrive per graduate.  In addition to the graduate, when the time for the graduate’s name to be called arrives, ONE person may take photographs in front of the library and we will have an area designated for that.  All other persons must remain inside the vehicle.   Once the graduate has the diploma, they must return promptly to the car and cars must depart in a timely way so that others can have their moments as well.

We will also be taking professional photos and those will be available to you without charge.  We will also livestream the ceremony and that video will be available online after the ceremony.

You may come to campus at other times to take outdoor photos in your regalia.  We just ask that you observe social distancing and mask requirements at all times.

The OUTDOOR ceremonies will take place on this schedule:

Friday, May 21 at 5 pm:  PGS (including SPS, BGS, EDU)

Saturday, May 22 at 10 am:  CAS

Saturday, May 22 at 2 pm:  NHP

3. Requirements

You are responsible to meet with your academic advisor to be sure that you have fulfilled all of your requirements for graduation. You and your advisor should complete the Graduation Audit to be sure you have met all requirements.  Also students must settle all financial accounts, including student loan counseling as well as the master account balances, to Trinity’s satisfaction in order to participate in the Commencement activities.

4. Regalia

Undergraduate: Regalia includes the mortarboard (cap), black tassel and black undergraduate gown, as well as the academic hood that signifies degree completion. The satin lining of the hood reflects Trinity’s school colors, purple and gold; the outer velvet lining signifies the type of degree the student receives. Students receiving AA degrees will receive satin stoles.

Graduate: Regalia includes the mortarboard (cap), black tassel and black master’s gown, as well as the academic hood that signifies degree completion. The satin lining of the hood reflects Trinity’s school colors, purple and gold; the outer velvet lining signifies the type of degree the student receives.

Academic regalia will be available for purchase online until Wednesday April 28th at: 

If you have regalia ordering questions, please contact Oak Hall directly at 1-800-456-7623.  All Trinity Regalia orders will be shipped for arrival by May 14, 2021.  You do not need to have regalia to participate in the Diploma Distribution.

5. Graduation Survey

Please complete the Graduation Survey online.  *Survey Link coming soon!*

6. Alumnae/i Relations Contact Card

Please complete the Alumnae/i Contact Card to receive updates and information from Trinity after you graduate! Visit:


Remember: You must RSVP about your Commencement participation by Friday May 7, 2021; use the online form at