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Help a Sister Out Fund

Money shouldn’t limit education, help a sister discover her strength!


Money shouldn’t be a limitation in obtaining a higher education. By contributing, you are helping students realize their college dreams. Join us in helping students from diverse backgrounds ease into their college journey. Our fund helps students from all backgrounds obtain financial resources to alleviate food insecurity, course-related materials, transportation, and medication expenses.

Your gifts to the Help a Sister Out Fund create stability in various Trinity women’s academic journeys in the College of Arts and Sciences.


On February 7th, 2022 the Student Government Council President, Michelle Vasquez, was joined by President Patricia McGuire at the National Association of Independent College and Universities (NAICU) ceremony celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Federal Pell Grant program. The SGC President represented over 7 million current Pell Grant recipients and advocated the importance of Pell Grants. On February 8th, the Student Government Council body met with President McGuire to continue this conversation of supporting students financially. There were no secrets. The SGC team was moved to action to address the financial insecurity that women in higher education face. Subsequently, as of March, SGC organized Trinity’s first student-run fundraising campaign called the “Help a Sister Out” fund. Our campaign aims to financially support our students’ pressing academic and personal needs, which include textbooks, course-related materials, technology equipment, food, and various other expenses. The Help a Sister Out fund believes that money shouldn’t be a limitation in obtaining a higher education. If it is in the student’s power to support one another – then we will do whatever it takes.

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Eligibility to Receive Funding

You must be currently enrolled at Trinity in a degree-seeking program in the College of Arts & Sciences at the time you apply for emergency assistance.

Emergency funding is available to students who experience unexpected financial challenges, emergencies, or sudden financial hardships AND meet the eligibility criteria outlined below.


Examples of expenses incurred during an academic semester that may be considered:

·      Current emergency medical expenses not covered by insurance

·      Books/Course Materials/Access Codes for Spring Term

·      Technology/equipment needed to ensure continuity of learning (must show proof of damaged or use of technology learning device)

·      Transportation

·      Groceries

·      Parking Fee (Commuters)

·      Hygiene

·      Other financial needs that arise from individual and/or special circumstances to be determined on a case-by-case basis

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To request funds: Dr. Karen Gerlach, Vice President for Student Affairs


Questions:  Michelle Vasquez, Student Government Council President


Office of Alumnae Engagement & Development: Ebony Johnson, Assistant Director of Alumnae Engagement