1997 Class Notes for 2018

Aimee Yrlas Simpson and her family are doing very well. Aimee, her husband Marsay, their daughter Idalia (3), and Yorkie Hoss are living in Lilburn, GA. Aimee continues her work with the American Diabetes Association as their national associate director for corporate engagement, celebrating her 10th anniversary with the Association this past January. In addition to her work, she serves as a member of the GA Commission for Service and Volunteerism and has supported the Commission as the Chair of the Service and Development Committee since 2017. Marsay serves as the director for legislative affairs for Southern Company Gas and continues his support of the state of GA through his service as a member of the GA Economic Development Board. Idalia Susanna (named in honor of her grandmothers) will celebrate her 4th birthday in September. Aimee continues to stay in touch with her Trinity sisters: Sekeno Whittaker Aldred ’96, Deka Nour ’96, Shaughna Rowson Giracca, Carla Mitchell ’96, Priscilla Jamison ’96, Ann Norris, and Feyishara Adelekan.

Erica Dobres Jones is working with people who are receiving Social Security, helping them go back to work and figure out how employment will affect their benefits. She is also working with the state of FL, researching why the graduation rate for students in special education programs is lower than other programs. Her group is working on cutting down some of the standardized state testing because testing is difficult for some students. Erica’s own children are doing great. Ryan is a freshman in a special engineering program. Emma is loving living in FL with all of the great wildlife. Erica’s husband Andy, everyone’s favorite “Lunchboy,” is doing great. She can’t believe it’s been 20 years since they were married at the Trinity Chapel.

Suzanne Fraley Paddock missed Reunion because she was just returning to her home in Australia with her baby boy from China. Jax YiMing Paddock was born December 1, 2015, and was adopted May 9, 2017. Jax is an amazing addition to the Paddock family. Sean (9) loves being a big brother. Jax (2) thinks he can do anything his big brother does. Suzie loves being able to stay home with him. She admits to occasionally feeling a little old at the mommy and me events and overwhelmed by the toddler stage, but so happy God brought Jax into their family. Suzie loves the lifestyle and sunshine of Queensland and says that all are welcome to come visit.

Robin “Truck” Romeo Hudson was able to meet up with Suzie, Sean, and Jax during their last layover at LAX. Robin is still living and working in Los Angeles. She spends her time working in television, both in front of the camera, acting and doing stunts, as well as behind the camera as a dialogue coach. You can catch Robin playing roller derby with the LA Derby Dolls under the alias “Charmed Robbery,” skating the LA marathon, running 5Ks, and hanging with her adorable rescue pit bull pup.

Shannon Freshour just got back from a vacation in Mexico City. It was amazing and she highly recommends that everyone visit if they can. There was so much art and culture to soak up, plus fabulous restaurants and bookstores. Shannon had a blast at Reunion last summer (as did I!). She has also recently acquired a third dog, a corgi puppy.

Also at the Trinity Reunion was Alice Kang. Since the Reunion, Alice and her husband Brian traveled to Quebec City for their wedding anniversary. Alice enjoyed visiting the beautiful historic city and loved speaking French so close to home. She feels they were so spoiled by the Chateau Frontenac and the grace of the city that they are planning to go back. Work has kept Alice occupied. She spent a month back in DC and was able to escape some of New England’s Nor’easters.

After college, Carolina Villalvazo worked for a few corporate companies like E&Y, PWC, and Robert Half Int. She entered the financial services field about seven years ago, and now has her own company in Woodland Hills, CA. She has three gorgeous boys and feels blessed to have an amazing family. Carolina lives in Hollywood with her husband and sons.

Nicole Mayerhauser reports that life keeps moving forward in DC. In 2016, she left a career in economics and GDP to join the Dept. of Veterans Affairs as an executive director. In this role she helped the VA transform their Office of Information and Technology. Last year she joined the MITRE Corporation as director of strategic business outcomes. Nicole added another rescue pooch to her family. She adopted Nelson from the World Animal Guardians in October 2017. He is a crazy little dachshund Jack Russell mix who keeps her hands full. Bo, Nicole’s “little old man” dachshund-Jack mix, tolerates the newcomer. Nicole reconnected with Trinity sisters over Christmas and New Year’s, visiting Siobhan Williams O’Brien ’96 and her girls, and Amy Beaudoin ’96 and her new little girl.

I earned my master of arts in teaching from Regis College in 2016 and am now in my second year as school librarian at Mount Alvernia Academy, a Catholic elementary school in Newton, MA. I’ve developed an interdisciplinary literacy curriculum aimed at broadening student perspectives and strengthening personal and global connections. My daughter Calla (11) is still interested in karate and Girl Scouts. It was lovely to visit Trinity in June. I have such fond memories of my time there.

Please stay in touch!

Janine Kayser