1968 Class Notes for 2021

Irene Horstmann Hannan writes: For all of us this year has been a test of what we’re made of. Sure hope I pass the test! I continue to be thankful for my work as CEO of Fatih in the Future that manages the 17 high schools for the Philadelphia Archdiocese, it more than fills my days..and nights. I welcomed two granddaughters this year who bring me great joy. I am also grateful for my work on the Trinity Board, now as a trustee emerita, but no less fulfilling than before. I send my best wishes and prayers to my ’68 classmates for health and happiness.

Ann McKenna Fromm with her husband, Bill Payne.

Ann McKenna Fromm wrote: In April, 2018, I married a wonderful man, Bill Payne, in Santa Monica, California [Photo]. Trinity women Jane Datillo Voigt (’68) and Jane Drew Waller (’68) [photo] acted as “honorary bridesmaids” for us. Although we live in Pittsburgh, Bill and I spend winters in Santa Monica, mostly to be near Bill’s family and my son and his wife, whose little girl, six, has Rett Syndrome. Bill and I golf, and do a lot of bicycling along the ocean path that runs 22 miles between Pacific Palisades and Redondo Beach. Both are great pandemic activities — outdoors and away from other people. We spend a lot of time on Zoom with book groups, non-profit activities, family and friends. I just had a Facetime call with a friend in Cornwall, England, I haven’t seen in 25 years!


Jane Datillo Voigt (’68) , Ann McKenna Fromm and Jane Drew Waller (’68)

Mary Buckley Flannery sent in her news: I am fortunate enough to still be working at a very interesting job as a child and adolescent psychiatrist treating adolescent boys, mostly from NYC, all of whom have suffered from trauma of one sort or another. The job keeps me in constant touch with colleagues less than half my age, and it got me vaccinated x2! It also keeps me from watching too much CNN and fretting all day about the virus and everything else that is going on in this world. My three kids are all healthy and employed, and they know how lucky they are. Am in touch with Joan Savarese and Ann McKenna, and I terribly miss my fun phone chats with Leah O’Leary. Here’s to 2021.

Bernadette Bonanno Kingham-Bez sent in the following: This has been an interesting and challenging year in my continuing role as Executive Director of St Vincent’s Hospital. All of our inpatient, outpatient and residential services have been significantly impacted by COVID-19. Our staff have been terrific but this long time operating in a state of emergency creates very unique challenges for frontline essential workers. Unfortunately we are also addressing the growing mental health and addiction treatment needs resulting from the Pandemic. I am blessed to have a wonderful family which includes our five adult kids and their spouses plus nine grandchildren with more on the way! The importance of our connection to family and friends has never been more significant. Hopefully we will emerge from this with resilience and an increased sensitivity to the needs of all around us.

Kathleen Shaheen Sinnott writes: My roommate (in Alumnae Hall remember it was two rooms with a shared bathroom), Margaret Mitchell Quinn died last year, not from COVID-19. I reflect as this time for giving updates has rolled up again, that I remember many of you but I looking back Margaret and I were perhaps, more observer and introvert possibly, so I imagine many of you don’t remember me. That is fine. I still feel part of our class and hearing of these inevitable deaths, thumps a reverberating pain of memory and passage of time. This solitary time continues, not perfectly, of course, but largely continues to be very good solitary time, with expansive reflection, long noticing, exercise routines, reading, studying, ta and ordering my living space in more pleasing fashion, simple changes. I expect to continue my richly rewarding work with refugees, teaching and/or tutoring citizenship in preparation for the USA Naturalization exam. Relationships have sifted out and continue to deepen even with absence of physical contact. I’ve only gained 3 lbs., so life is good 😊! I accept days gratefully and try to remember to….grasp for what cannot be held in my hands (a paraphrase of Thomas Merton).

Susan Barreca Smith writes: I have spent the last year successfully fighting ovarian cancer. I was supported by my family and friends throughout. God is so good. I am officially in remission and grateful to everyone who prayed so hard for me. Denning and I purchased a Lakehouse in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania in October. What a highlight of the year. It is only two and 1/2 hours from our home in Yardley, and our three daughters and their husbands and our 10 grandchildren can visit often. We created a mission statement after our purchase. “A place to build memories.”

Allyson Cook Gall writes that she is grateful to be alive and healthy. Grateful to have a partner in life for over 50 years. Grateful to have money to pay all bills. Grateful to have three adult kids and two “in law” kids who are all good people and four grandkids ( ages 6,8,10, 12) who she can finally see again in person! Also, even though she was only at Trinity two years, grateful that Trinity is more than ever a wonderful institution for good in DC! She’s doing volunteer work, grandparenting, kayaking, reading, playing piano….and eventually travel again. Life is good.