Responsibilities of the Board Members

Board members are expected to be present at all three Board meetings of the Alumnae Association. These typically take place in September, February, and June, during Reunion Weekend.

Board members are expected to support Trinity by attending local and Regional Trinity events and staying up to date on events, changes and news at Trinity.

Board members are also charged with being positive spokeswomen for Trinity, with a clear understanding of the vision of Trinity for the future.

In addition, Regional Representatives are encouraged to work with the Alumnae Office to initiate Regional events in their geographic area. Local Board Members are expected to be present at key campus events such as convocation, Cap and Gown Sunday, Reunion , and other events considered important for a given academic year.

Special Responsibilities of Officers

In addition to the responsibilities of regular Board members, officers of the Alumnae Board serve in the following capacities:


The President acts as the Chief Executive Officer of the Association; chairs the Executive Committee as well as the Board as a whole; and presides over all Board meetings.

First Vice President

The First Vice President assumes the powers and duties of the President in her absence or incapacity.

Second Vice President

The Second Vice President is empowered to assume the powers and duties of the President in the absence or incapacity of the President and the First Vice President


The Secretary maintains the records, minutes of meetings, gives notices and handles official correspondence for the Association.


The Treasurer maintains custody and responsibility for all funds and securities held by the Association She is bonded by the Association in an amount determined by the Board for this purpose. The Treasurer receives and gives receipts for all monies due and payable. She supervises the deposit of all money, disperses all funds, prepares and submits an annual report and proposed budget for each fiscal year.