Trinity Parking for Students

Updated August 2023

Students, faculty and staff who park on campus agree to comply with the following regulations.

Permits and Registering Your Vehicle

Students who wish to park on campus must must obtain a parking permit online.  See detailed instructions.  All parking tickets must be paid before a new permit will be issued. Parking permits must be affixed inside the front windshield, in the upper left corner (driver’s side).  The permit must be clearly visible through the front windshield to ensure maximum visibility and expeditious traffic flow upon entering campus access points.

  • Parking Fee Per Semester (commuter) $45  *currently waived for 2023-2024
  • Parking Fee Per Semester (resident) $75      *currently waived for 2023-2024

Trinity issues parking permits through an online system available at your convenience. Using the parking permit website you will be able to immediately print a temporary parking permit to use right away; your actual permit will be mailed to you within a few days. See detailed instructions.

Note: Possession of a valid parking permit does not necessarily guarantee a parking space. Parking is on a first come, first served basis. Adequate parking space is available; however, during peak traffic times parking lots and spaces closest to the buildings fill up quickly.

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Accessing the Campus

You may access the campus by way of the Main Front Circle (Michigan Ave.) and Cuvilly Drive. In the interest of maintaining consistent levels of campus safety and security, DPS Officers at the campus access points have the option to deny access to students, faculty and staff who fail to display (1) a valid parking permit, and (2) a valid University issued ID . University issued IDs and parking permits that do not have a current (year/date) validation are invalid. Failure to present your valid University issued ID may delay your entry onto the campus. Please help the DPS to serve you better by ensuring that you have both of the following, at all times, upon entering the campus:

  1. A valid University issued ID
  2. A valid parking permit (with current year/date validation sticker)

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Designated Parking Areas

Students, staff, faculty and visitors displaying a valid parking permit (or visitor pass) may park according to the following lot/area designations in clearly marked parking spaces only.

Student Parking: Lot 1 (Cuvilly), Lot 5 (Kerby) and Lot 4 (Payden/Trinity Center)
Faculty Only Parking: Lot 3 (Library)
Staff and Faculty Parking: Lot 2 (Cuvilly Drive), as well as Lot 1 and Lot 5
Visitor Parking and Drop Off: Front Circle


Disability Parking

Parking spaces with the disability designation are for the exclusive use by vehicles displaying a valid disability permit/plate (i.e. placard, or license plate). Disability permits/plates are issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (by jurisdiction). All vehicles displaying a valid disability parking placard/plate on University owned or controlled property are also required to display a valid Trinity parking permit (or visitor’s pass). Disabled permits/plates do not authorize the user to park illegally.  To register for a Trinity disability parking permit it is required to provide a copy of the registration certificate that validates the placard. To register your Trinity Disabled Parking Permit visit the parking permit website.

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Parking Restrictions and Enforcement

Parking regulations are enforced 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, year round, in accordance with parking and traffic control signage and asphalt/curb markings. The DPS reserves the right to immediately tow vehicles from areas that pose a threat to public safety (i.e. fire lane, fire hydrant, roadways, traffic lane); this includes the right to restrict access or redirect traffic and/or parking without notice. Parking is not permitted in locations that obstruct traffic or block driveways, doorways, loading docks, manhole covers, building sprinkler connections, etc. Unauthorized vehicles parked in areas with barricades, traffic cones, or temporary signage restrictions (i.e.: construction or special events) are subject to a parking citation and may be towed at the owner’s or operator’s expense. The University retains the right to reserve parking in areas owned or leased by the University to support special activities. Return to top

Overnight Parking

Overnight parking is generally restricted to resident students and authorized guests. Exceptions must be authorized by the Director of the Public Safety and will only be granted on an occasional basis.

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Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Permits

Immediately report lost stolen or destroyed parking permits to DPS. Replacement permits will only be issued upon the completion of a DPS incident report and a $15.00 replacement fee will apply (receipt of payment from Business Office required).

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Multiple Vehicles

Your permit can be removed from your windshield and placed in another vehicle. However, you must register that vehicle online. Note: vehicles displaying a permit that does match the vehicle(s) registered with DPS may be subject to a citation and the permit holder will be responsible for any associated fees. Without exception, permits cannot be shared with anyone other than the registered permit holder and may only be used for the vehicle(s) registered to the permit. Fraudulent use or misuse of a parking permit may result in loss of parking privileges on campus.

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General Information

Parking permits issued by Trinity remain the property of the University and must be returned to DPS upon separation from the institution. Parking permits are valid through the printed expiration date. Parking permits and privileges are not transferable. Misuse of parking permits subjects the offender to possible revocation of parking privileges, judicial charges and/or criminal charges. Examples of misuse include but are not limited to: possession of a permit that has been reported lost or stolen; alteration of a permit, duplication of a permit, and unauthorized transfer of a permit. Speed limit campus-wide is 15 mph. Excessive speeds will not be tolerated and violators may be subject to revocation of parking privileges, judicial charges and/or criminal charges.

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Ticket Payment and Appeals

The Department of Public Safety grants a short grace period at the beginning of each semester to allow everyone the opportunity to obtain a current permit. A current permit should be obtained and displayed as soon as possible however. Occasionally, warning tickets are given but are not obligatory prior to issuing a ticket. Issuance of a ticket during the grace period is dependent on the nature of the infraction. An individual may not park in a prohibited area at any time. For example; an individual may not park in a handicap space without a state issued handicap permit. Tickets are payable by mail or in person within 14 days at: Business Office, Main Hall, Room 114 Trinity Washington 125 Michigan Ave, N.E. Washington, D.C. 20017 (202)884-9524

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If you wish to contest a ticket

Appeal forms are available at the Department of Public Safety (Main Hall B-8).  Optionally, you may send a typed letter to the Department of Public Safety Director with the following: 1. A copy of the ticket (retain the original for your records) 2. Your name and address 3. State the reasons why your appeal should be granted All appeals must be received within 14 calendar days from the date of the ticket. Appeals after the 14 day grace period will not be considered. Appeals will be reviewed by the Director of Public Safety, and forwarded to the appropriate department with the Director’s recommendation regarding the ticket. Student tickets will be forwarded to the Dean of Student Services, staff tickets will be forwarded to the Director of Human Resources and faculty tickets will be forwarded to the Provost. You will be notified by the Department of Public Safety when a decision has been reached regarding your appeal.

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