Trinity Campus to Metro Shuttle

Photo of Trinity Shuttle

The Trinity Campus Shuttle runs a continuous loop from Trinity’s Main Campus to the Brookland Metro Station station to campus on Mondays through Fridays from 7:00am and 10:00pm and on Saturdays from 7:00am – 7:00pm.

The Trinity Shuttle makes approximately two loops per hour, beginning on the top of the hour. The Trinity Shuttle runs continually, and is sometimes impacted by traffic in the neighborhood.

The Trinity Shuttle is available to all Faculty, Staff and Students free of charge.  Please show your Trinity ID when you board the shuttle.

Where’s the Shuttle Right Now?

Click below for a real-time view of the shuttle’s current location.  Please note that we have 2 shuttles that run at various times, so please check both links for the locations in real-time.

Shuttle #1167 Current Location

Shuttle #1202 Current Location

Finding the Shuttle on Campus:  The starting point for the shuttle is St. Joseph’s Circle, nearest the Main Hall basement level loading dock, off of Cuvilly Drive.  The shuttle travels towards Cuvilly Hall, behind the Tennis Courts and around to Lot 4.  The Shuttle then proceeds up the roadway past Payden Academic Center, the Library and exits campus onto Michigan Avenue towards Brookland Metro Station.

Finding the Shuttle at Brookland/CUA Metro Station: Exit to the right, then turn left at the top of the escalator.  Wait near the bridge over the tracks – there are many shuttle buses; look for the Trinity logo on the side of the vehicle.  Once departing from Brookland Metro, the Trinity Shuttle returns to campus to loop again.

Did you miss the shuttle and don’t have time to wait on the next one?

You can also take the Metro Bus Crosstown Line (H2/H3/H4), and the North Capitol Street Line (80), to and from Trinity Washington University campus to the Brookland-CUA station.

Need more information on the Shuttle?  Contact DPS at 202-884-9111