Layered Meanings

Taking group photos around the beautiful Trinity seal in the Payden Academic Center is a new tradition at Trinity!  The Trinity seal in the terrazzo floor of the entrance lobby reflects the original design of the college seal that was created in 1935 by M. Pierre de Chaignon la Rose. The seal features the brilliant colors of azure (blue), gules (red), argent (silver) and gold, and the elements of the seal hold special meaning for Trinity:
Trinity’s official college colors of purple and gold are represented by the red and blue (the component colors of purple) and by the gold of the triangle and the gold-edged book.
The Trinity name is represented by the triangle (the heraldic emblem of the Blessed Trinity), the three clasps of the book, the three words of the motto and the three stars.
The open book, the symbol of learning, represents Trinity’s academic mission, and features the Latin motto, Scientia Ancilla Fidei (Knowledge the Handmaid of Faith).
The heraldic colors of blue and silver represent Notre Dame (Our Lady); the stars signify one of her titles, Stella Maris.
The three stars reference the crest of George Washington’s family to note Trinity’s location in Washington, D.C. These three stars are also seen in the D.C. flag.
Encircling the seal, Sigillum Collegii Trinitatis Washingtoniae, is Latin for Seal of the College of Trinity Washington.