First Floor

Students, faculty and visitors are welcomed into a spacious lounge area that includes comfortable seating for individuals and small groups, charging stations and a reception desk staffed throughout the day.
At the center of the first floor, a gracious rotunda draws visitors toward the colorful Trinity seal embedded in the white terrazzo floor.

  • Central lounge area for study and reception
  • Reception desk staffed during business hours
  • Two small classrooms flanking the lounge (Rooms 101 and 102; 38 seats each)
  • Two large tiered classrooms across the main corridor (Rooms 103 and 104; 72 seats each)
  • Central elevator and stairwell
  • Technology Services Suite on the southeast side of the main corridor (Room 122)
  • Building mechanical and storage on the southwest side of the main corridor
  • Restrooms and vending machines

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