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Trisha Smith, University Librarian

Trisha Smith has a liberal arts background and a Masters in Library and Information Science from Catholic University of America. As University Librarian, she believes in the library as a community change agent that forwards social innovation. 202-884-9351



Bridgette Comanda, Instruction Librarian, Liaison to Education & Counseling

Bridgette Comanda received her Masters in Library Science from the University of Maryland and spent her undergraduate degree studying Russian history and culture. Currently an Instruction Librarian at Trinity, she is passionate about service, outreach, and information literacy. She’s worked in a variety of library and library related fields, and has a novelty mug for all occasions. 202-884-9352


Steven Salas, Research & Instruction Librarian

Steven Salas received his B.A. degree in History at the University of Maryland and his Master’s in Library and Information Science at the Catholic University of America. Over the years he’s worked in archives, museums, public libraries, academic libraries, and elementary school libraries  He believes as librarians it is our duty to not only provide a high level of service to our students/patrons, but we should always aspire to develop rich new understandings and skills outside of our comfort zone in order to better ourselves and those around us.  202-884-9361


Alexander Salopek, Collection Development Librarian

Alexander T Salopek studied philosophy as a undergraduate and has a masters in library science. He has been affiliated with a Map Library, The Center for Research Libraries, various law offices and law firms, and various government agencies. His interests include psychoanalysis, history, and having a colorful, varied sock collection.


Jerome Taylor, Instruction Librarian, Information Literacy Specialist

Jerome Taylor received his B.A. degree in History at George Mason University with a Minor in Communication and his Masters in Library and Information Science at the Catholic University America. He believes that librarians, formerly known as the gatekeepers of information, are educators and community and campus heroes who fight for social justice and innovation.  He loves to learn about different cultures through books, films and interacting with diverse people.

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