Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my library account?

First, you will need to set up your myALADIN account. In the left-hand navigation, click on myALADIN or on the Library home page, click on Set up/check your ALADIN Account. Enter your last name, library barcode (no spaces or dashes), and select “Trinity” from the “Institution” pull down menu. You will see “welcome, your name” in the upper right hand corner. Click on “Edit” to register or receive reminder and overdue notices.

How do I find books or videos?

You can search for books, videos or journals held by the Trinity College Library by searching our online catalog. Under “Trinity Library Resources” in the left column, select “Find books at Trinity.” This will put you into our catalog.

You can also get to our catalog via the WRLC library page by selecting “Find books at Trinity.”

How do I find journal articles?

You can search for journal articles by selecting either “Trinity e-Journals by Title” or “WRLC e-Journals by Title” in the left column navigation. You must be currently registered with the library in order to search these databases from off-campus (more information on registration).

How can I search for journal articles from home or work?

You can search for journal articles from home or work provided that you have registered with the library for the semester. You can go through either the Library links on the left side of this website or the WRLC library page to access the databases. You must enter your last name, your Library barcode – do not enter any spaces or dashes, select “Trinity” from the “Institution” pull-down menu, then click on “Continue”. You should then see a listing of the available article databases.

Why am I having problems accessing the journal databases?

Registration: We update the records in our patron database each semester. Students must register with the library each semester in order to access the article databases from off-campus. Call us at (202) 884-9350 if you are having problems connecting to the databases from either on or off-campus. If you are off-campus and cannot access the article databases, it is most likely that we need to update your record.

Do I need a username and password to search the databases?

No, you do not. However, you may be asked for this information in the following cases:
You bookmarked the database (e.g. ProQuest, LexisNexis) directly instead of entering the database via the Library home page or via the WRLC library page. Remote users must enter the databases through either the Library’s home page or WRLC and by entering their last name, their barcode (no hyphens or spaces), and selecting their institution and then you will see a list of the databases you can search.

Your search “timed out” – most of these databases will end users’ search sessions after a period of inactivity. If this has occurred, you must go back to the WRLC library page, login again and continue your search.

There might be server difficulties on the database provider’s page. If this happens, you should again go back to the WRLC library page, login if prompted and start your search again. If you still have problems, please contact us (see “Other questions?”).

How do I know which database to search?

On the list of databases available to you, you will see a small “i” icon. If you click on this icon, a window will pop-up and give you a brief overview of the kind of information available in that particular database.

Other questions?

Please give us a call at (202) 884-9350 or email us at, if you have additional questions or concerns. If you have a cell phone, call us on that while remaining connected to the Internet. If not, please let us know which databases you were trying to access and have a pen and some paper nearby in case you want to take notes.

You can also use our ‘Ask a Librarian‘ form.