Information and Links for Current Students

Current students should check this page regularly for information.  For scheduling and advising questions, students may contact the School of Professional Studies at (202)-884-9620.

Academic Policies and the Student Handbook

Advising – Class Selection

It is ultimately the student’s responsibilityto keep track of his or her academic progress.  Please use the tools below, in conjunction with Self-Service, to ensure that you are taking the right courses at the right time.

Use the Academic Plan to record the courses you have successfully completed.

Graduation/Transfer Information

Students are eligible to graduate when they have completed all of the requirements for an associate’s degree.  Students can graduate in the summer, fall, or spring.

The Commencement Ceremony is held twice a year in May and in January.  All graduates from the previous year (summer, fall, or spring) may participate.  Students cannot participate unless they have completed the requirements by the date of commencement.

The Commencement Ceremony is directed by the Office of Student Service.  Students need to make sure to follow all of the directives of the Office of Student Services regarding Commencement.  Generally, the Office of Student Services will begin to communicate with students during March to prepare for the May Ceremony.

Students will receive information through email, a Commencement Packet in the Mail, and the Commencement Section of the Trinity Website.  Students need to make sure that they complete all of the tasks required to participate.

Transfer to Main Campus Checklist

  • To continue at Trinity to pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree, complete the online application to Trinity’s School of Professional Studies. There is no fee required.
  • Request copy of transcript to be sent to Admissions – no fee required, internal request. You can request a copy of your transcript to be sent through self-service.
  • Meet with a School of Professional Studies advisor to discuss your chosen major, academic plan and course schedule.
  • Visit with various campus offices to complete tasks for the upcoming semester: Enrollment Services, Campus Safety, and Bookstore.
  • Attend New Student Orientation.

Academic Policies and the Student Handbook

Most policy questions can be answered by reading the Undergraduate Academic Handbook of the School of Professional Studies. Please make sure that you are familiar with this document.

In addition, students should also be familiar with the policies found in the Student Handbook.  This includes policies on the following: Children on Campus, Academic Honesty, and Student Financial Responsibilities.